Advice for Coming Off TRT After a Year and a Half?

Hi there just looking for some advice as I’m planning on coming off TRT, I’ve been on for just over a year and been running at 120mg per week without HCG, I’m 24 years old and as I’m in the UK here and don’t have a lot of income I decided to dose myself as the docs wouldn’t even listen to what I had to say about it, after testing myself and learning I had quite low T I’ve forgotten the levels now, The reason for coming off is that I want to restore my fertility

Long story short I’m going to be coming off, im 2 weeks after my last injection and next week I am planning on running Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20/10/10.

Do you guys think there is anything else I need to add or just any advice in general?

Thankyou I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully reply to me, I get that i might get flamed but im hoping you all keep that to a minimum!

Thanks again.

I stopped TRT cold turkey and used no fancy drugs to restore LH and FSH within four and a half weeks. Your plan seems reasonable, but I would do HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, followed by Nolvadex for 28 days and stop everything.

So use HCG before the Nolvadex, stop it dead, then do the nolvadex plan?

Thankyou very much for you reply by the way!

HCG will wake up your testicles and start producing testosterone, then the Nolvadex will get the LH firing again and the testicles are ready for it.

Hi @systemlord just curious how the 4.5 weeks were after stopping cold turkey , I am on week 3 after my last injection and feeling ok loss of muscle is very evident but generally feeling alright , is the 3rd and 4th week the worst in your opinion ? I get everyone will react different seems you came out on top very quickly

The 4th week my joints became very loose and were almost dislocated as I walked, then at 4.5 weeks T was high for a day, then crashed a day later but better versus week #4. Clearly my diabetes, obesity and poor health are to blame for T suppression.

The decline in erections was an 8 month process.

@systemlord damn mate doesn’t sound to crash hot ! One thing I have noticed is no libido , only waking up with half masts , hopefully this will pick up again but I’m guessing it’s a long road ahead starting to question if I can get good T levels naturally as my thyroid was mostly to blame for going on TRT to start with

I’m sure once your body adjusts to its new natural hormone levels your libido will return. Just like when you do a dosage change and things are out of whack for while.

Starting week four now ! On day 21 energy levels are noticeably low end of the workday I’m stuffed ! Have been to the gym 3 times this week though so that’s something , muscle and strength loss is giving me a bit of a confidence drop , safe to say at this point my test levels are probably bottom of the barrel ! @systemlord when did you start picking up again ?

I just attempted coming off after a similar amount of time being on. Around 7 weeks I began to feel terrible, lost lots of muscle mass and strength, tons of brain fog and lethargic all day. I ended up going back on TRT for now.
I was also still taking nolvadex when I began feeling crappy which was a little weird.

@everest sounds like your test never lifted after the 4 week mark , I think I’ll hit my doc up for clomid as I read this can give a little boost to natural production , see how that goes for a couple months before making the call on going back on

I experimented with that before going on TRT, the clomid pushed me near top of the range but fell back to the bottom once I stopped. I know I need TRT to be healthy but I still want to figure a few things out

A week ago (49 mg weekly) and already both testicles are burning as I type, it’s like someone put a lighter under my sack. It hops from left to right like the boys are taking turns.

My energy is up, muscles harder and I wake up more sore after working the muscles like I’m getting more benefit from my workout.

My recovery is better, I know it’s only been a week but damn. My glucose keeps getting consistently lower.

@systemlord So i did something stupid and came off without any PCT, its been around 4 months now, Got my Testosterone checked myself and came back at 11.5nmol which is about 330ng i believe, so I’ve recovered to a point but feel like shite still, lost most of my muscle mass and seriously debating going back on TRT, Is there a possibility that my body is still recovering? in which case ill get tested next month also?

Im still lifting and eating correctly but not really making any gains.

Thanks guys

Your experience mimics my own, that doesn’t mean you should give up. I actually had high testosterone on the day my HPTA restart and thought I was cured, but a day later it was right back to low-T.

You should continue to stay metabolically active and still eat healthy. It took me a long time to start losing muscle and erections though, it was a long 8 month ordeal. It also took 8 months to lose glucose control.

I’m only two weeks in and already my muscles are getting much harder.

Yeah im going to see the doc on the 17th and if he isnt going to support me(NHS) and my next test comes back lower or the same, ill start treating myself again!

Im assuming your back on then @systemlord ?

Thanks for all the info on here fellas keep me posted with your situations.