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Advice For College Freshman

Hey guys,

In a few weeks I’ll be heading off to college and I’m pretty excited. I’d like to hear any advice you all have for an entering college freshman. Anything from training/sex/diet/academics etc. Anything really. For those who have been there, or if you’re currently in school, I’d love to hear any advice. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thanks guys!!

Alright, I’ll give you one in each category:

1.) Don’t bench on Monday.
2.) Find an attractive girl in the first week of school and go for it before she realizes there are tons of better looking guys around.
3.) The dining hall is a great source of all the milk you can pack into water bottles and put in your bookbag.
4.) Just pay attention to when your assignments are due. None of the classes you’ll take as a freshman are very hard, the adjustment is now you aren’t in that class every day and being reminded of what work you have to get done.

Training: Find the biggest, strongest guys who actually SQUAT at the gym and befriend them. Avoid the douche bags who do 50 sets of bis/tris and call this exercise.

Sex: Always remember a girls name. If you forget, it is over. Talk to as many as you can. Most girls don’t go home with strange guys. If they know you and like you, then run into you when they are out partying, it is go time.

Diet: Beware the campus food.

Academics: GO TO CLASS. This is the number one mistake. ALWAYS GO TO CLASS.

Hope that helps.

Well hopefully you hear this shit from your dad but when I started school I didn’t have a clue…I wish I knew then what I know now.

A)Never skip class, don’t ever forget why you are there at school. I think Woody Allen said 90% of life is just showing up.

B)Get to know your professors, have an inquisitive attitude about your studies.

C)If your school has an honors option, go for it and write a senior thesis, its not that hard and will open up so many doors for you in the future for grad school.

D)Second the advice on talking to girls right away, girls aren’t as aggressive in college as they were in High School so you have to take the initiative more in starting the conversation. Don’t focus on just one girl, spread your mack around.

  1. No glove no love

  2. College is fun(entering 3rd year) but you are there to get an education so show up to class and get your work done.

3)Learn to like cheap beer.

  1. I had a buffet style meal plan freshman year 3 times a day, if I could have gone back I would be slamming down the food and bringing back bags of it to my room. If you have that option then take full advantage of it.

5)Don’t get arressted, often.

6)Have fun, it’s the last 4-5 years of your life you are mostly free of “real life” responsibilities.

  1. Get laid as often as possible

Im entering college as well this year. I move up in exactly a week (University of Florida).

jtrinsey: Do you just say don’t bench on Monday because everyone else is doing it too?

[quote]NAUn wrote:
jtrinsey: Do you just say don’t bench on Monday because everyone else is doing it too?[/quote]

That’s pretty much been my experience. And everyone loves to curl on Thursdays (incidentally, our big party night).

My advice:

  1. go to class. Even the lectures (though some people will tell you it doesn’t matter, as they don’t take attendance there). It’s so easy to get too caught up in the whole “college experience”, where no one slaps you on the wrist for staying out late and sleeping through class, that you can dig yourself into quite an academic whole before you sober up.

  2. Do well. Study.

  3. Buy Tupperware and righteously rape the dining hall every time you are there.

  4. College is much more of a grind than MTV would have you believe (especially during the day) - which is how it should be. Study hard when the sun is up so you can stay up later when it goes down. The library is your best escape from loud neighbors and talkative roomies.

  5. Adderall - find a someone with a 'scrip, stock up early, make a killing during finals. Or use them yourself; they are great.

  6. Freshman girls: get 'em while they’re skinny. Trust me - the “15” ain’t no lie.

Learning to not give a shit about what others think about you and your lifestyle.

  1. While you have some leeway in college, have an idea of what you want to do, i.e. major in. I was a Biology major, didn’t like it, and switched to Economics. While it’s a part of college, and life, I can’t feel that I wasted my money and most importantly my TIME. And now I’m not going to graduate on time, not that that really means anything anymore.

  2. Going along with No. 1 I hated Bio and as a result I didn’t put forth any effort and my GPA showed that, so watch it. Once that GPA drops it hard to get back up, and it’s put a hamper on me getting into grad school, which I’m not sure I want to pursue but it’s pretty much a necessity today and I might have closed a door to an oppurtunity.

  3. There’s various tutoring\help that you can receive for certain difficult classes (Chemistry, Calculus) that makes things a lot easier. Search around. And you can meet people too.

  4. From a weightlifting persepctive, if you’re living in a dorm, there’s a 3x a day buffet and a stocked weight room at every college for the most part. There’s no reason you should be small. None. Wish I still had that meal plan…

  5. Just meet some people. I transfered in here and haven’t been proactive in meeting people and I really don’t know anyone. Join some organizations, if you want.

  6. If you know your schedule, and you don’t start the semester for awhile, hop on the internet and search for your books. You will save a lot of money in the long run.

  7. My friends have told me some stuff that I didn’t believe at that the time, and still really don’t, but I’ll tell you this:

    If a girl invites you into her room, smash.

Guess I missed some sex right there…

There are so many options that are free.

Gym membership with all the clubs.

Internet access (unlimited).

Tutoring. Don’t bother calling the numbers on the bulletin boards that charge $50/hr. Ask your prof.

Join student organizations.

Go to some of the games.

  1. Study and go to class. It’s a no-brainer.

  2. Enjoy yourself but don’t become a booze hound or drug user. It’s OK to go on a bender now and then. It’s not OK every night.

  3. Avoid a long term relationship. Play the field. Avoid the drama. You will never have so many options.

  4. Make friends. I still have tons of friends from school…20+ yrs. ago and over the years we’ve done a fair amount of business together and shared a lot of times.

Remember if you think your Professor is demanding wait till you meet your boss one day. If you think class is hard to attend 4-5 hours a day, 9 months out of the year wait till you graduate and your excpected to be at work 50 weeks/yr. from 8 to 5. In other words life will demand more of you after college so enjoy it while you can.

My twin sons will be moving into their freshman dorms August 24th. In addition to all the sound advice mentioned above, I also reminded them to consider the consequences of partying in these tough times.

When the cops caught me doing bad things in the seventies, I got off with a warning. If you do those same things today, you’ll get 5 years. No joke.

[quote]conner wrote:

  1. Adderall - find a someone with a 'scrip, stock up early, make a killing during finals. Or use them yourself; they are great.


Good Call on the Adderall…other such drugs are Dextroamphetamines(AKA: Dexies) or just plain old Ritaline the only thing with dexies it to avoid taking them late at night(unless you want to not sleep and be sketchy…and take Ritaline on a full stomach unless you like gut rot

An idea(which I did during school) was just find out who the Dr Feelgood doctor on campus is…most campuses have em…go see them…say you forgot to fill your scrip…and get some the legal way…dont be greedy though…say you’re perscribed to 1 a day at most to begin with. I was supplying friends too so had a 6 a day scrip…nice lil business round exam time.

Best advice : sacrifice social life for yours studies. I know it doesn’t sound good,but trust me,it’s worth it in the long run.

[quote]BigBen72 wrote:
Academics: GO TO CLASS. This is the number one mistake. ALWAYS GO TO CLASS. [/quote]

This is the best advice you’ll read in this thread.

Make it a point to never miss a class for any reason. Stick to this habit and you’ll find that other beneficial habits will be a lot easier to make/keep (like doing all your homework/assignments, studying, exercise, etc.).

After you make sure to do that don’t get caught up in the partying college lifestyle. The people you see spending the most time partying will end up going home within a semester or two. I’m not saying your should never go to any parties, but just make sure you’ve got all your school work and studying done before you go.

Just finished two summers ago.

-If your serious about your training, keep the drinking within reason. Have fun but dont ruin what you have worked for because everyone else is getting hammered every night.

-DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get a girlfriend within the first year or else you will look back and kick yourself in the ass. I was lucky enough to get out of one after the first year and then had the time of my life the next couple of years.

-Make friends with the cafe people. A few buddies and me used to be able to skip the lines and just pick up chicken breasts from the chef.

-Make friends with your professors, believe me it goes a LONG way. I liked to skip class but I always was emailing my professors making sure I didnt miss anything and ALWAYS getting the notes that I missed.

-Be prepared to meet a people with different beliefs, backgrounds, etc… You will get along with some, and some you wont.

-Keep up with your physique and hygiene and you will be pulling girls more often than not. The average college student has got the beer belly going on along with smelly ass clothes.

-Spend your limited money WISELY. You dont need to buy budweiser, instead save 10 bucks and get keystone (acquired taste i guess)

-DO NOT buy all of your books until you have been in each class for a week. I ended up dropping 4 hundred bucks and we didnt even use 3 of the 5 books I bought. AND THEN you get screwed when you return them to the bookstore. That $150 book gets you at MOST $40 back.

-Sit next to the hottest chicks you can find in each class. If they are smart on top of that, its a big plus.

-DO NOT try to funnel Jack Daniels.

-Dont throw parties at your dorm/apartment. Instead, use other peoples houses. That way you dont have to worry about shit breaking, stuff getting stolen, and waking up the next day to a gross house.

-Learn to master your Madden skills. It can earn you a few dollars.

-Dont be afraid to get creepy in the cafe with your friends. As in lining the tables up and all sitting on the side facing everyone so you dont miss any hot chicks walking by…not that I would know or anything.

  1. Play a sport. If you don’t play any of the big 4 (football, basketball, baseball, or hockey) pick up a new one (I recommend rugby, but it’s not for everyone I guess).

It’s a great way to meet people, you’ll always have friends to party with, it’s a great motivator to keep up with your diet and exercise, and it’s a great way to work out frustrations and stress built up from classes and all the drama involved in college life.

  1. This is something I was told my junior year and I really wish I’d heard it earlier. Treat school like your job. Treat each day like a typical 9-5, real world job.

Include studying, eating, and exercise in the job schedule if you like, but try to keep a general plan for your “8 hour day.” Then you’ve got evenings and weekends totally free to do whatever you want. Most the time you’re only in class 14-16 hours a week, so if you apply the rest of a 30-40 hour work week towards school, you’ll find yourself well ahead of the rest of the pack who’re up all night sunday night trying to finish a paper for monday morning.

  1. Be mindful of where you go and who you’re hanging out with. You’ll meet a lot of great people in college but also a lot of sketchy characters. You can get in a lot of trouble for shit your buddies pull. Not saying don’t have a good time, wreak a little havoc, it’s college after all, but keep your head about you.

  2. Keep your nose clean. Pretty much everyone drinks and most people smoke pot at least once or twice in college (if not once or twice before class in the morning), but, at least around here, coke has become a hell of a lot more popular in the past few years. When I was in school it was X, but it’s always something and it’s always better to just keep away, both from the drugs and the people with them, it’s just not worth the risk of getting arrested and/or kicked out of school.

(I know this last one seems like common sense but I was amazed how many kids I met when I got to college who’d never seen drugs before and had no idea how to deal with the situation).

  1. Most importantly, get your shit done, keep your priorities straight, and have a good time.

good luck man,

[quote]Horazio wrote:
Best advice : sacrifice social life for yours studies. I know it doesn’t sound good,but trust me,it’s worth it in the long run.[/quote]

I disagree with this statement. Don’t sacrifice either one. Make sacrifices elsewhere if you need, but don’t, DON’T sacrifice the social aspect of college.

Good grades are great, but if you can’t hold a conversation you will hamper yourself professionally, unless maybe if you’re going to be a scientist. If you have any desire to have a career in business, get as much social exposure to as many people as possible. This is also one of the most fun parts of college.

College is about expanding yourself in as many ways as possible (er, with some exceptions, of course, nttawwt).


Just study. How fucking hard is a 14 hour load? so you have to go to class 14 hours per week. Study for two hours for every class room hour, which hardly no one does, That is 28. 28+14 is 42. Welcome to an adult life. This is what is expected of you.

Have some fun, don’t be a wing man too often although the fatties give fabulous head. Get a job while in school doing something.

always be aware of your workload status : are you ahead or behind ?

90% of your peers will be behind and cutting corners after the first DAY. get the jump on them and don’t look back. find the smartest people in your classes and set up regular study groups with them. and don’t just pull even with your workload GET AHEAD AND STAY THERE. stay ahead and be reviewing instead of cramming for finals. stay ahead and you’ll won’t need to pull all-nighters or score drugs to help you do so. stay ahead and you’ll have plenty of time to party after school.

i had a professor who like to say “students are the only consumer group who want the least for their money”. keep that in mind and get the most you can from what you’re paying for. that’s my advice to you. that and build a cave around your bed and get a supply of good earplugs. i like howard leight 30 db low-pressure foam plugs. cheap and very comfortable.