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Advice for Chin-Ups?


I find chin-ups really difficult. I can do 5 sets of 3 full ROM chins (dead hang to neck above the bar) but I just can’t seem to improve on this. Any advice? I am going to start foam rolling my lats between sets and on off-days too but any other advice would be much appreciated.


Do sub-maximal sets of chins in between all of your sets of everything else. You can do that on your upper body days or everyday.

If you are doing sets of 3, try for sets of 1 to start. If you can do that, then go for sets of 2.

You will build up a lot of volume this way. And it looks less silly than foam rolling.


I don’t know if this will help, but it’s worth a shot!

Thanks for the reply. So, to see if I understand, do you mean I do 5 squats, 1 chin-up, 5 more squats, 1 chin-up etc. for the whole session? I am aiming to do 5x5 and then I am going to try and add some weight but I just can’t seem to get past the 3 sets of 5.

I had originally tried something similar to what you suggested. I tried doing 3 chin-ups at the start of the session and then after each exercise but it just meant I was tired for the other exercises. I think what you have suggested is better. Sub-maximal effort and more volume, as you say.

Thanks again

Thanks for the article I will have a read and see if it helps!

Edit: I have read it and it is too advanced for me still. I need to be able to do at least 12 reps with good form and I can do 3. It does look good though. Maybe in a few months. Thanks.

Buy a doorway pull up bar (usually around $10), hang it up somewhere in your house and do a chin up whenever you pass it.

I wouldn’t be able to get one where I live, unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion.

@T3hPwnisher I tried this tonight and it was great. I did 15 in total between sets and then did a set of 3 at the end. I could have done another set or two afterwards (perhaps not of 3) but I really had to leave the gym as I was running late to a dinner with friends. Thanks.

No problem dude; glad it worked. Beat the number next time!