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Advice for Chest and Arm Symmetry

Hi to everyone,

I would like to hear some good advices to get a better symmetry:

  1. My left pectoral is bigger than my left one especially in the middle high part. I think that’s why my right ricep is quite stronger than my left one. What should i do? exhausting my tricep right before a bench/db press session?

  2. I’ve used to play a lot of tennis and the result af these sport is that my left arm is smaller thant my right one. The bicep/tricep are only quite smaller (1.5 cm) but my right shoulder has grown a lot during my tennis time. So what are your suggestion to improve my left arm?


  1. If you think your tricep is doing most of the work, then yeah, pre-exhausting it would work. Also, try some decline presses, which will take your shoulders out of the lift some, and maybe do some dumbbell presses.

  2. Lift the same with both arms, but only lift as much as your weaker arm can handle, and you should even out.

Good luck.

cool thanks:)
Now I’m doing the programm stripped down hypertrophy where I haven’t any direct exercises for arms or shoulders.
After that I’ll probably take 1 or 2 weeks where I concentrate on my problems. Can u suggest me a workout that will help me?^^