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Advice for Buying Steroids in Thailand


Hey guys, im going to be spending around 6 months in Thailand and want to make use of their relaxed laws on the sale of AAS and run a cycle whilst out there. From all the reports i've read of people buying steroids in pharmacies out their they are always in tourist areas,im going to be spending 2 nights or so in Bangkok but then i'll be in north east thailand in a fairly rural area for the rest of the time.

Basicly does anyone know if pharmacies outside of the tourist areas still sell steroids? I dont want to rush and buy everything as soon as i get there only to realise I've over payed/ got fake shit later in Bankgkok, but on the other hand i dont want to find out theres nothing available when i get to north east thailand!


I wonder about the true prevalence of fake gear in Thailand. We have all heard anecdotally that it happens, and I do not dispute that it happens. I simply wonder if we're not imposing our own perspective and suspicion, based on our experience with the frequency of counterfeiting we find here in the west (I've gotten burned, too, so I will probably always have that in the back of my mind.) It just seems odd to me that someone would bother counterfeiting legal, cheap substances. Particularly when there is very little local demand for them. You know what I mean?

Would you worry about buying fake aspirin? Extrapolating from the prices they command here, which I assume to be wildly inflated due to black market economics, I assume they are pretty cheap there; maybe cheap enough that it would not be a significant savings to make convincing counterfeits, vs. making or distributing the real thing--which also avoids the risk of being exposed as a fraud and losing repeat business.

Now, with something exotic and expensive like GH, I would definitely be wary. But for Test or DBol or whatnot, the margins just aren't there to make it really worthwhile. Why counterfeit 1 dollar bills when you can print 100's? I would be a lot more confident buying stuff directly from a pharmacy, than mail-ordering it through intermediates. Just my 2 cents. No real data, I know. But I doubt that exists anyway.


Thailand and Bangkok in particular is well renowned for counterfeiting pretty much everything! I've read a few reports of people buying bunk pharma gear direct from pharmacies but i'd imagine this is only really prevalent in tourist areas where they sell a lot of AAS. Repeat business? Most people who buy steroids in thailand are on holiday so there is no repeat business!


You raise a good point about the repeat business, but I would guess there is still some word-of-mouth advertising to be had with the significant ex-pat community that lives there (at least the minority of them that use gear), some of whom would buy repeatedly and refer friends--or warn them, as the case may be. Like I said, I don't doubt that it happens.

In fact, the junk I was burned on was supposedly Thai DBol. But of course, since it was purchased here I have not idea whether it actually originated in Thailand. It could've been made down the street for all I know. At the higher prices it commands here and for the risk inherent in importing it, I could see that.

I have been there and seen the pharmacies, but did not purchase anything...so others would know better than I and I will defer to them.


Anyone else got any info on this?



Read this article. It will answer any question you have about buying gear while you're over there.


Thanks for that, i had actually read that a long time ago. Some interesting stuff but stil doesnt give any info on buying steroids in more rural areas of thailand


Also part 3 of that trilogy is a bit odd, it talks about a generic form of dianabol called melic, then says you can get a generic form of anabol called androlic... anabol is just another brand name of dbol..? weird.

EDIT just realised it must by a typo and they ment anadrol

Looked up the generic stanozolol which is mentioned (called menabol) and it comes in 2mg tabs!!? this means taking like 25 tabs a day! not exactly convenient, seems to come in packs of 10 which would mean stacks and stacks of boxes