Advice for Bulking

Don’t mix milk with gluten. Oats themselves don’t have gluten, but the way they’re stored and transported, they end up being mixed up with other stuff that do contain gluten. On the other hand, the so called “pure oats” don’t have gluten if they were properly managed, they’re also usually sold as “gluten free oats”. There are a number of brands that have gluten free oats. Bob’s Red Mill is one of them.

Then you can have oats+milk at will.

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Yep the avenin or whatever it is acts a lot like gluten so many can only eat so much and feel much better with smaller protions only once in a while.

Thank god i can eat a lot of them becaues i love oats. Oats + cinnamon + PB + Chocolate whey is amazing. Or instead of whey greek yogurt[/quote]

That’s actually a traditional hearty icelandic dish. I like to mix greek yogurt (or icelandic yogurt) in my oats too. I thought I invented it or was the only one basically…come to find out they do this a lot in Iceland…

Sometimes I like to make these really dense porridge dishes…oats, cinnamon, peanut butter, casein powder, greek yogurt, and bananas. Pretty calorically/nutrient dense and really hit the spot.[/quote]

Had no idea about all that info. I just like how thick it gets. One of the few things that is dense enough to even touch my apetite.

Like the idea of bannanas in there that sounds really good. Might have to try apples as well[/quote]

Agreed–one of my classic combos (which I also thought I had invented :P):

oats, fat free cottage cheese, pb, whey

cook oats with pb in it, stir pb, then mix in cottage cheese, then whey.

another good one is eggs, whey, and cottage cheese with spinach in the eggs.

ha, lately I’ve just been knocking out a can of salmon with 2.5 scoops of whey mixed in. Huge calories, extremely good.

I got my brother to eat the pb, oats, etc combo once. He didn’t eat anything the rest of the day–said he felt like he had a brick in his stomach, haha. (he’s a diminutive guy who doesn’t lift).

Funny i made some for my mom. About 1/8 of the portion that i make for myself and she was done for a good portion of the day.

Me i make up at least 5oz of dry oatmael and 2 tbl sppoon PB 100-300-g greek yogurt and 40-50g whey deliciosu

I go light on the oats and heavy on the cottage cheese for previously discussed reasons. Honestly, I prefer basically doing the same thing but using eggs instead of oats to actually using oats. It just depends on what sort of macros I want the meal to be at the time.

Do you micro wave the eggs?

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Did you drastically change your whole diet? This could cause some serious gastrointestinal stress but it should pass as your body gets used to the new healthier style of eating. I would say if it doesn’t pass in a week or so that you may need to figure out if you have an intolerance/sensitivity.

I had a friend who’s diet was so terrible when he finally wanted to make changes and be healthy he had to do it very slowly. He kept trying to dive into a healthy lifestyle and kept puking/sh*ting his brains out. That would discourage him so he would go back to crappy eating and the cycle would repeat. To finally start moving in the right direction he had to take steps like adding veggies to a pizza, I am not kidding, that was a big step for him. One veggie at a time. A piece of veggie lovers pizza would send him running to the bathroom in the beginning. [/quote]

Good post, worth repeating.

I don’t have links to hand but some of these claimed intoleraces are self-inflicted. If you exclude something from your diet for a period you can have an adverse reaction when you first reintroduce it. This will convince most diet OCDers that they have a permanent and untreatable intolerance whereas the actual cure is just to continue eating the reintroduced food stuff and your body will reacclimatise and the symptoms pass.

I really do wonder how many diets that demonise various food-stuffs in the pursuit of health are actually the cause of problems not the cure.

I can almost guarantee you even if your not lactose intolerant when you remove most dairy except for maybe 1-2 portions a day you will feel a helluva lot better.

Posters have instantly reached for food intolerances when the OP basically describes the cause, he has increased the food amount not changed the food types.


How many calories do think you’ve added? What is your current age\weight\bf?

IMHO you either need to just power through it and I’d expect the symptoms to pass or introduce the calorie increase more gradually and let your body acclimatise. I would favour the latter because too many think “bulk”, and spike calories massively and generate unnecessary fat gain. More gradual changes will let you find your gaining sweet spot.

I do agree that waiting it out should be helpful. Honestly, when I think back to my first real attempt at bulking that went from February to May this year, I really had to condition myself to eat more.

I remember the first day I ate like 2800 cals and felt like “Oh my God, I am so full.” I was disappointed at the end of the day when I actually calculated how many cals I had eaten (of clean food).

By May, I was able to down–literally–5k calories/day or more while only being at the “Yeah, that’s enough” phase of getting to full, haha.

It’s sorta like weightlifting–think in terms of progressive overload for your body. Put a new stress on your body and let it adjust.