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Advice for Bulking


I'm just starting a bulk diet for the first time, and let's just say my stomach isn't tolerating it too well. I ate 3200 calories yesterday, and I'm at 2900 today. It's a pretty clean bulk (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, wheat bread, chicken breasts, tuna, nuts, etc) I'm not lactose intolerance but I've taken lactase as a precautionary measure. I'm just wondering if my body will adjust to this or should decrease my calories until my body adjusts and gradually add on. Any advice would be much appreciated.


how do you know you arent lactose intolerant?

maybe its the gluten...

try an elimination diet


Before I started this diet I would eat milk products and bread and have no problem. I'm thinking my body just has to adjust to the excessive food. I'll try the elimination diet though, thanks for the advice I appreciate it.


how long have you been eating this amount and is it always uncomfortable?


I literally just started yesterday. I haven't really changed the type of food that I'm eating, just consuming a lot more of the same thing. I've gone to the bathroom five times today, so I'm just a little concerned that I'm losing everything I'm taking in.


well maybe its just too much lactose/gluten whatever... i would try going 0-dairy for a day and see if it happens


Yep, even though I don't have a gluten or lactose allergy, I've gained 35lbs in 2011 gluten and dairy free and have never felt or performed better. Obviously there's some level of discomfort that comes with stuffing your belly over maintenance, but you should not be crapping that much. Once every day or two would mean your absorbing a whole lot more.

Another possibility is maybe you're going overboard with the nuts. I would try just having nuts as your fat source for one or two meals and make up the rest with some EVOO or VCO.

Just some ideas.


This is just me personally, and this may address your issues:

I've found that I'm mildly gluten insensitive. On an everyday diet where I have a small amount of oatmeal in the morning with peanut butter mixed in, I'm okay. But if I have more oatmeal (say, two to three bowls instead of one), I find that I get really gassy.


Did you drastically change your whole diet? This could cause some serious gastrointestinal stress but it should pass as your body gets used to the new healthier style of eating. I would say if it doesn't pass in a week or so that you may need to figure out if you have an intolerance/sensitivity.

I had a friend who's diet was so terrible when he finally wanted to make changes and be healthy he had to do it very slowly. He kept trying to dive into a healthy lifestyle and kept puking/sh*ting his brains out. That would discourage him so he would go back to crappy eating and the cycle would repeat. To finally start moving in the right direction he had to take steps like adding veggies to a pizza, I am not kidding, that was a big step for him. One veggie at a time. A piece of veggie lovers pizza would send him running to the bathroom in the beginning.


I thought oats didn't have gluten, but rather proline which behaves very similarly.


I thought it was called avenin or something.

edit: nvm you are half-right. Avenin is a type of prolamine.


oatmeal doesnt have gluten it has a differnt gluten like protein starts with Av cant remember the rest and dont want to look it up


Hmm, that's really interesting because I do notice having a serious reaction to eating more than, say, one bowl of oatmeal at a sitting. I always assumed it had to do with gluten intolerance, but it must be some sort of other allergy.


I'm the same way. I somehow remember upon reading "The Paleo Solution" that the prolamins can wreak havoc in a similar way to gluten. That books a great source of information even though I don't eat Paleo.


Bro just make all of your calories come by way of oats and milk.


Yep the avenin or whatever it is acts a lot like gluten so many can only eat so much and feel much better with smaller protions only once in a while.

Thank god i can eat a lot of them becaues i love oats. Oats + cinnamon + PB + Chocolate whey is amazing. Or instead of whey greek yogurt


Oats don't have gluten, they got something else named anevin or something im not sure.


That's actually a traditional hearty icelandic dish. I like to mix greek yogurt (or icelandic yogurt) in my oats too. I thought I invented it or was the only one basically..come to find out they do this a lot in Iceland..

Sometimes I like to make these really dense porridge dishes...oats, cinnamon, peanut butter, casein powder, greek yogurt, and bananas. Pretty calorically/nutrient dense and really hit the spot.


Can you try different milk brands or fat %?

Most milk brands used to trash my digestive system, but I found one that allows me to drink 1.5l a day without issues. If I try to drink more than 2l it goes nasty again...


Had no idea about all that info. I just like how thick it gets. One of the few things that is dense enough to even touch my apetite.

Like the idea of bannanas in there that sounds really good. Might have to try apples as well