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Advice for Bikini Comp Beginner Please


I want to do my first bikini competition and there is so much information that I have no idea where to start.
In the gym I’m confident with my training, but diet wise I’m lost. How to eat, when to cut out carbs, how much to eat, and what to do as I get closer to the comp to achieve that ripped look.
I am in good condition alreDy as I have always trained and used to be a gymnast so physical I feel I’m on a good starting place but also have a journey to make to be able to look just right on stage.

Can anyone recommend any books or something to help? I can’t afford a coach unfortunately! :unamused:


First step is to post a bunch of pictures of you in a bikini for us to…evaluate…

Just kidding. It sounds like maybe you are a beginner to dieting but perhaps good with training? If thats the case you just need to focus on eating healthy foods, and then slowly lower the amount while increasing the amount of activity you are doing.

It really is that simple at the heart of it. Thats not to say it cant be more complex about what to eat, when, how much, etc… But really its as simple as eating less and moving more for the most part

I actually have a 2 part article on Mike Rashids web site that details this process a bit more, if you google “Step by step shredded” its in the middle of the page, but the gist of it is:

  • Any training program you have had success with will work fine usually.
  • Any type of diet will work, as long as you know it works for you. Meaning, if you have had success with high carbs, low carbs, paleo, zone, etc… It really doesnt matter. If you cant answer the question “What diet works for me?” you might not be ready to step on stage yet.
  • Cardio can be your friend, but is often over done. The first step is to begin losing weight consistently for 2 - 3 weeks without any cardio… This is how you know you are in a sufficient calorie deficit. From there slowly increase cardio and lower calorie intake in a systematic fashion.

As I said I have an article out there detailing this a bit more, but this is essentially the essence of it.

Also, this website has HUNDREDS of articles on these topics (training and dieting for fat loss) so dont be afraid to go some reading done. If you really feel lost, consider using the rest of this year to read, and competing next year once you have a little more knowledge and experience under your belt. You might even use next year to do a “mock competition” where you do the diet and training,without actually stepping on stage… Then the next year, or 2nd half of the year, pick a contest and do the real thing.


Upload pictures for homest feedback


Thank you Lonnie that’s actually really helpful. People can make it sound so complicated but that’s a nice simple answer. I will read those and may well take your advice about moc comp.
I’m going to do one in Oct but I’m going into it with a relaxed attitude to just use it as a learning curve.



Thanks, that’s about a 220.pound tire, i think tire flipping is awsome exercise for strength and fitness. You look good at least 5,6 ?