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Advice for Beginner


hi, my name is Adam and I am really interested in weightlifting. I have been drinking musclle milk for breakfast and a some what healthy diet the rest of the day. I was wondering if i replaced lunch and dinner with myloplex meal replacements, would anything happen to my body or is an all liquid diet bad for a beginner. i am 245lbs. and want to turn at least 80% of it into muscle for football. thanks for the help.


Exercise is a good thing. So is the Are you a beginner? thread. I'm not too savy with the hyperlink, but I'm sure someone else will oblige.


How old are you?



Your diet should be based on whole food and then a quality supplemantal protein like Grow! is added for your need of more protein. Also something like Surge PWO. These however once again should be added AFTER getting diet in line.

Also no mention of training. Even if you wake up every morning to a nice big ole shot of Test. you will not get HUGE without putting in the hard work.

Read the Newbies thread and come on back with more focused questions.

Hope that helps,


And how tall are you.

Do not replace regular meals with any meal replacement. Use Grow! protein as a supplement. Read John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey and search for Vroom's beginners threads.



whew...I feel better now.


So do I thank you.


Im 13 and 5'9" to 5'10" and I way 250lbs. now. I am starting some weight training in October in the Highschool Gym. I am gonna be seriously working out to get muscle. I live in a area with a lot of hills so I ride my bike up and down them for my legs, which I have to really work on. Right now I am doing workouts with dumb bells until october. I also play pick up football as much as possible.




I'm afraid that most of the things on this site would be way over your head right now.

It's a good thing that you ride your bike, it'll help with getting rid of fat, but it's not enough for building leg mass, esp. for football.

All the exercises I'm about to write about, can be found either on this site or by google.

You have plenty of options with just the dummbells, you can do: DB Squats, DB Overhead Squats, Lunges, Step-ups, DB Romanian Deadlifts, DB Military Press, DB Clean & Press, DB Rows or Renegade Rows.

You can try them all if you want, for 3-4 sets of 8 and 1 minute rest in between. Do it every other day.

When you start lifting weights, your priority should be to learn how to correctly perform the following exercises: Full Back Squat, Deadlift, Romainan Deadlift, Bench Press, Barbell Row, Pulldown, Military Press (also called Front Press or Overhead Press).

Good program for start will be something like:

Workout A
Bench Press
Barbell Row

Workout B
Military Press

You keep alternating these workouts every other day, so one week you're doing Monday A, Wednesday B, Friday A, and next week you do Monday B, Wednesday A, Friday B.

Do 4-5 sets of 8 of each exercise, starting very light, and increasing weight for the next set as long as your form is ok. Because you're so young, I think it would be best to have someone knowlegeable check your form in person.

Good luck and be patient.


So you want to have 196lbs of muscle and 49lbs of everything else? Um, good luck with that.


as of right now i am 270lbs, with 208lbs muscle and the rest fat, in which i plan to lose


Hollow bones?


Focus on eating real food to start with