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Advice For Aspiring/Developing Trainers



This post is in relation to folks who have an interest in training others and have a passion for the iron game but who do not have remotely close to your level of knowledge in terms of theory nor the robust background in lifting.

** Do you think it is more important on focusing on being the best that you can be (to whatever degree that takes you) than to try and measure up to a standard set by top coaches? For example, I think I could continually learn and work with folks in the gym from now until the end of time and never approach half the level of an expert like you nor the skillful manipulation of programming. Is recognizing your limitations (while still trying to improve each day) a negative or a positive quality in your estimation?

I'm basically trying to reconcile how to feel about working with people when there are others you'd likely refer them to (such as coaches like you and the others who write for this site) if they had the financial means and the proximity.

** On a related note, there often seems to be a fear of making mistakes among those starting out and also a tendency to complicate things by trying to get too fancy far too soon. Would you still regard someone as a good coach if he knew his current limitations and focused on solid basic programming, even if it might be considered less than optimal by whatever the current "gold standard(s)" happen to be at that point in time?

If you are able to share any thoughts on these questions, it would be fantastic. I definitely look to you as a role model, both for your knowledge and the class you always display.

p.s. While you're consistently updating your techniques and methods, are the theory portions in all of your books always going to remain "in style" for lack of a better way of putting it. For example, certain programming elements from your original Black Book are obviously not your current way of doing things, but there will always be something from those older resources that still applies, correct?

Thank you for all of your help!!