Advice for an Old Timer Starting Over Again

Ok. Here is the deal. I used to work out heavily in the mid-90s when I was in the Army. Martial Arts 6 days a week and lifting weights 7 days a week. I did PT 5 days a week so the cardio was covered. I am now 42 and all I do is walk. I am 5’10" 228 lbs. I know I need to be around 180-190 lbs to be healthy. I am also a veteran who has PTSD and Sleep Apnea.

I am basically starting from scratch and need to know a few things. I recently read Tom Venuto’s BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLE and wanted to know if this has worked for others? I kind of got the idea of now what to eat and how often. I just need to know how to how much cardio and weights per week? My goal which I think is realistic is to go from 228lbs to 180lbs by December or earlier of this year-2011. Today is May 8th, 2011. Thanks in advance!


There will not be magic formula, but if I were you I would

  • weight train 3 days
  • steady state cardio 2 days
  • barbell complexes 2 days

Weight training, body part split
Chest, tri’s
Back, bi’s
Legs, shoulders

Barbell complex, do 10 rounds, 5 reps each exercise
front squat
push press
rest 60 seconds

I don’t know your current health status, so obviously get checked out first. Also swing by the “35 and Older” forum as they may have a different plan. A good portion of your fat loss is diet dependent. I would start off simple by reducing your simple carb intake. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply!