Advice for an Endomorph? Looking to Compete in Classic Physique

What’s going on? I’ve been familiar with T-Nation for a while now, however, I just decided to create an account ask my first question. I’d like some advice for someone who is an endomorph, was extremely obese (434 lbs / 5’ 9" tall), has lost 198 lbs since Nov 2016 (236 lbs current weight), and is finally looking to compete in my first bodybuilding show.

Let me start of by saying that I know I am still fat…very fat for bodybuilding. However, I also noticed that my training and nutrition has been paying off and I’m starting to reveal quite a bit of muscle that I’ve built over the years. I’m very vascular in the arms and shoulders, but my thighs hold a lot of my fat. Like a pear shaped woman. I’m no mass monster, but I think that if I can come into a show at 4% - 5% I can hold my own.

I’d like to know if you experienced competitors have any advice for a complete bodybuilding competition newbie. I have hired a popular bodybuilding coach to help me with this prep, but the more knowledge I have the better.

I’m seeking advice when it come to possible loose skin, posing, true stage weight, and how far I’m actually out from my first show. I’d like to compete in Feb / March of 2020 (the date of this OP is Sep 17, 2019), as I’d have to get down to 197 lbs and I’m currently 237 lbs (40 pounds over). Thanks for your assistance.

i guess I’m not allowed to post links to outside sources. Therefore, if you want to see pics and videos you can check out my IG by typing it in Instagram manually: (@king.spk). I’m adding some pics and screen grabs as requested.

This is me in June 2019. About 243 lbs. Obviously With A Pump.


I’m interested in classic physique too, so I’d be interested in what others have to say


I’m a loooong way out but I’l hope someday I’m making this post and am close!
I’m interested as well.

Any pics OP?

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pic uploaded.

prob the main stumbling block. Best get down to like 210 and then evaluate. Also Hit abs very hard from all angles

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Based on the one pic, I’d say you obviously put in work in building muscle. Loose skin, and midsection can be a serious issue when getting onstage though. I’d love to chime in with any advice I might be able to offer, but better pics would really help provide a better picture of where you’re at.


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That’s not how it works. Especially since you have zero shirtless pics on your page, so nobody see your physique to actually give any advice about “posing, true stage weight, and how far I’m actually out from my first show”.

If you want real advice, post some pics here in the thread. Preferably wearing shorts and hitting the mandatory poses. If you want to drum up IG followers and plug your sponsor, you’re in the wrong place.

You’re gonna have to get lower than that. First-time competitors always have to get lower than expected. 5’9" and 197 in contest-shape is monstrous for a natural competitor.

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Ok thanks

I didn’t post for followers. I posted that pic because it’s the best pic I have of myself at the moment and the only place I have to upload my pics are on IG. I just so happened to be wearing the shirt of my current sponsor that particular workout. I don’t have stage trunks, or anything yet. The advice I was seeking regarding “posing, true stage weight, and how far I am out” I figured could be answered with the information given. I’ll take the advice given earlier and drop down to 210 lbs and reassess. Thanks for you input. Would you like the post removed?

You can upload any image file to the forum, as you did in the first post.

Those answers can’t be given until we can actually see your physique. A pic/video in a tank top and pants shows us nothing real. You don’t need posing trunks. Whatever you’d wear to the beach is fine. Worst case scenario, shirtless in pants will give us an idea of your upper body progress, while drawing out expected leeegggggssssss requests.

Nope, just followed up on. There’s tons of info from experienced lifters, competitors, and coaches here, but you need to meet us more than halfway.


Get a better V-Taper. Endo or whatever you call it type of people usually have big joints and naturally wide hips. You can improve this look by getting more muscle on the shoulders and lats, and trim the waist. But then some people with better structure is going to kick your ass real bad in the aesthetics department. But you can outmuscle them if you are thick jointed.

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