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Advice for a Person to Get Back to Training


I'm new to this site and I'm looking for useful tips to help me start be back into exercising/training.

So when I was a teenager(now 21) I was always big into sports( soccer, swimming and rowing) but soccer was my main sport. At the age 17 I tore ligaments in both of ankles. After this injury I never got back in exercising like I used to before my injury. I went through phases of exercising for short periods( two months) then stopping for longer periods of time( 3/4 months) till present

I want to get back into getting fit but more so in weight training.

So I designed a fitness programme for myself, made up of cardio and weights

Upper body day 1 (followed by core exercises)

lower body day 2 (followed by core exercises)

cardio day 3 (followed by core exercises)

Have a rest period between each day of training

Upper Body
10 reps 3 sets of a set weight
bench press
Dumbbell Bent-Over Row
Shoulder Press
Lateral Raise
Frontal Raise
Hammer Curls
Tricep Pushdown
10 reps 3 sets of a set weight
Lower Body
Leg Press
Leg Extension

Core exercises

Side Bridge
Swiss Ball Jacknife

Hiit training (swimming rowing sprints) as fast as I with 90 sec rest

So any advice would be nice.



Here ya go,


I'm presuming that there are no lingering effects of this injury, correct? No significantly limited range of motion, no drastic strength loss, etc. You're 100% good to go and there's nothing you physically can't do, right?

It's awesome that you've decided to get back on track. Step one, though, is to decide concrete goals. "Getting fit" is so vague that there's no way to properly plan for it and there's no way to know when we've reached it.

Do you want to get back into recreational soccer? Is there a marathon you want to run? Do you want to get a six pack? Feel like benching 300 pounds? Basic goal setting is S.M.A.R.T. - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. Matt Kroc just had a great article on this a few days ago:

Once we get those in place, the training and nutrition (which shouldn't be overlooked) will be easier to fall in line.

That's a super basic plan, it's something, but it can definitely be improved. Do you only have three days to get to the gym or could you go more a little more often?

Quick ways that I'd tweak your current plan, if we were stuck to only this:
Upper body day could be a little more streamlined. There are three shoulder exercises and one lift for each other bodypart. Yes, the shoulders have three heads, but your time and energy would be better spent doing some kind of chin-up/pull-up or pulldown instead of shoulder isolation work.

Lower body day, I love that you've got lunges. They're a really unappreciated exercise. You may want something direct for hamstrings and calves, if you have the equipment available.

And if you're hitting core multiple time per week, I like to either use the same set and reps with different exercises each day or vice versa. For example, the sets/reps could stay the same all week but one day could be plank/side plank, next day jacknife/reverse crunch, next day Palloff press or weighted crunches. Just a bit more variety.


Thanks Chris for replying to my message.

My long term goals:

1)to lose 26 pounds in 3 months
2)then I want to start a strength programme but have good cardiovascualer fitness at the same time)

I have never tried doing pull ups before and I know there are really good exercise but I find it difficult to even master one . So is there any articles/videos I can look at to help me do these exercises. I never tried doing dips so I will give them a go soon.

There no calf machines in my gym but I could do calf raises with a free weight in each hand

Thanks for the great advice again it means a lot.