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Advice For a Numb Leg

Hey folks - Sorry its been so long but I am getting ready to move from CO to OH. Anyway Friday in the gym I was doing some good mornings and then some frontal squats machine. I don’t recall it being that bad of a workout of my form going to hell on anything but now the outside of my right leg is slightly numb. It has been that way all weekend. It does not hurt and everything seems to be working fine, its just a little numb on the outside of my leg.

I went in for a deep tissue massage yesterday to try and work it out. Its probably just a tweak that is putting some pressure on a nerve or some such. Has anyone else had this happen? If so was it something that just went away or does it require a trip to the doctor?

my theory: if it’s bothering you enough to post about it on a message board then it’s also enough to go and see a proper doctor about it. Even the best intentioned advice on here is no substitute for a Dr who can see you in the flesh.

I agree. Go to a doctor. You may need an MRI of you lumbar spine. You mighta herniated a disc. I don’t think a “pinched nerve” would last this long. I would be interested in your diagnosis, please drop me a PM.

Did it start suddenly or was it gradual?

Does it involve the lateral thigh or the lateral calf region?

Sensory only or is there some weakness?

Does it correspond to a dermatome on the chart above? (I hope is it legible, if not, do an image search online for a dermatome chart)


I agree. A Good Morning is exactly the kind of exercise that could cause problems that would feel like this.

I posted a couple months ago about this exact same thing. It is called meralgia paresthetica. Google it. Basically it is a condition where a string of nerves gets pinched in the hip region. Nothing you can do about it and it doesn’t affect performance. It will become less noticeable with time though so don’t cry! Most of the time I don’t even notice, it just flares up some times. At least you only have it on one leg!