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Advice for a Newbie?

Hi im new around here.
im a 32 year old male 5"10 170lbs i havnt lifted much in my life but im decently in shape due to my job.
i started traning again 1 month ago
here are my lift in pounds
squat 3x 5 165
bench 3x 5 135
ez curl bar 3x5 70
overhead press 3x5 100
tricept press down 3x5 50
pendlay rows 3x5 100

overall no muscle are really showing at 18 years old i was 5"10 115lbs, ive been ballouning in the last few years from 150 to now 170

my goal are simple i want decent muscle definition without looking humongous. im currently using fierce5 beginer routine is that good? what is a standard natty time frame to look decent at like 180? or 200?

You can put on 10 pounds in a year and up your squat and deadlift by 150-200 pounds just by doing any kind of decent programming consistently, but I happen to be pretty partial to either Starting Strength or 5/3/1. If you’re looking to gain weight, go with Starting Strength first and hit the food. Just don’t be an idiot and gain 40 pounds in 3 months.

If you run Starting Strength for 8 months in its entirety, you will look good and be strong. If you run 5/3/1 for 8 months in its entirety, you will look good and be strong. You choose. Good luck.

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What the guy above said. Exactly.

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The amount of time to get from point A to point B is different for everyone. There are too many factors that come into play to hazard a guess. The best option is focusing on the now and work on improving bit by bit.

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I dunno man, I’m pretty ugly. Are you sure this will help?


Your body will look good, lol. Make the body/personality worth more than the face for the ladies and you’ll be fine. Works like a charm for me :wink:

ahah thats a non issue married with kids , ive senn 67754 version of SS, which one ur refering 2?

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Google “black iron beast starting strength” and hit the first thing that pops up. It is described in extensive detail there.

this depends on what you believe ‘looking decent’ means in the first place. That description has a wiiiiide variety of interpretations. What I used to think was a decent look is now terrible to me, lol.


I think Fierce 5 is good. Put in the work and dont sandbag your lifts.

I can 100% guarantee you won’t accidentally become humongous. Muscle definition will depend as much or more on your diet than how much or well you exercise.


do the tricep move for much higher reps like 3x15-20 so as not to royally piss off your elbows.

Stick with fierce 5 for another month or so/until you stall and then move on to a program off this site. This is a good introduction…

Read a bunch of this guy’s articles also…

If you eat a decently clean diet and workout at least 3 times a week you will look decent. Eating a good diet is the hardest part. Wish you the best.