Advice for a New Guy. Reliable Indicators??

I was doing KBs 2x weekly push/pull/legs routine, and was making the best progress I have ever had…both size and strength wise. Started reading about Willett and saw the “I want to look like that guy” movie (which was really good aside from the very amateurish transition effects, cheesy musical background, etc) and decided to move to a max-ot based routine.

After two weeks working in this way, I have some concerns. I am not experiencing any soreness, no “pump”, and am leaving the gym each time feeling as if I am missing out somehow… I don’t feel “smoked” (forgive the army lingo, ) as I did with the other routine, even though I am sticking exactly to the MAX-OT SOP.

I realize that with any routine it takes time and proper nutrition/recovery… but I am really getting the feeling that , at least for me, it just isn’t hitting me like it should, and I feel as if I am wasting time.

My Goal is to make it to 300lbs within the span of a year/year and a half…and I just don’t want to waste time, you know?

im relatively new at this, so tear me a new 3rd point of contact if youd like, but please intersperse said abuse with some wisdom. :wink:

ill get some more photos up in the next week or so, so I can feel better about myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

why, if something was working for you, did you stop doing it, dumbass?

“uh, i dont know” :muscle confusion"

youre a dumbass GTFO.

yeah, keep doing the routine thats working for you