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Advice for a Low Testosterone 25 Year Old Please!

Hi first post on this and would really appreciate some advice.

Quick summary - Im 25, have felt depressed. timid, emotional since mid teens. Been on anti-ds but no good. Never felt that puberty really came, despite moderate changes. Never been on steroids! Asked dr if she would check for low testosterone…

Only test that was done was Serum level, came back 9.5nmol/L (9-25). Dr said thats fine, I disagreed, long discussion, agreed to run second set.

Night before second test I had had about a bottle of wine and got a good sleep (Ive read that these can both temporarily spike T levels, thoughts on this would be appreciated)

Results came back as follows:

Serum 14.0nmol (9-25)
Calculated free test 0.37nmol/L (0.22 - 0.76)
SHGB 20.0 nmol/L (15 - 48) (Roche method)

I was concerned at low level considering my age and my quite debilitating symptoms and eventually persuaded the dr to refer me to an endo. Appointment in 2 months.

I have since done a load of reading and have the following thoughts:

  • I would benefit from my testosterone increasing some way or another as it may be the cause of my symptoms.

  • If i get TRT my T levels will go up but my nuts with atrophy and my system will shut off natural supply.

  • If i take HCG this may prevent the above by stimulating leydig cells. Dr may not px HCG.

  • I should take Arimidex regardless of HCG as the increased T will cause my oestrogen to rise.

So at this point I am worried about the possibility of going on this for life but also excited about getting my life back :smiley:

However, ive now come across some research to suggest that a better way to treat low T would be to take Clomid and Arimidex and Bob’s your uncle im sorted and will live a full and happy life??

I really appreciate any thoughts whatsoever on this as my head is right up my arse at the minute!

BTW ive got a son so im not firing blanks (and he looks just like me too!!)

Thanks in advance!

Please read the stickies.

Clomid does not do anything that nolvadex will not. Clomid has some nasty estrogenic sides for some.

Any other lab work?

Read posts of others, you can find many in the 19-25 age group. See how things flow and what the issues are.

Respond with more info, see the advice for new guys sticky.

Thanks. No other lab work yet. Seeing an Endo in a few months. Feel shit, but fingers crossed hel be able to sort it out.

odds are the endo won’t take any action or be of any helps. so be careful with your expectations going in.

never start on Estradiol Control like AI unless you have a blood test showing high Estradiol.

check your TSH, Cortisol, and other systems per the blood test sticky.

good luck.

Thanks, much appreciated.