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Advice for a FMA Student


Hi all,
Just looking for a little bit of advice in regards to starting a weight program. A little bit of info. on me - I'm 5ft 10 - 9.5 stone - 21 yrs. I currently study Eskrima (a filipino martial art) I train 2 hrs a week with an instructor, and on average practice an hour to an hour and a half a day. I'm looking to bulk up and increase my strength, my long term goal would ideally to get 11.5 stone of lean muscle (quite a challenge i know ! :wink: )
I've looked at some of the recommended strength routines and think that the Westside FSB II would be appropriate for me. Within my FMA system alot of the power in strikes comes through the hips i.e. twisting hips and shoulders - can anyone recommend any exercises that I should specifically have in my program to help with this?




WSB 2 is a good choice. I'd aslo consider EDT by Staley. You may want to ask some tips from Staley and Cosgrove as they are also martial artists so they can relate with you.

here's my 2 cents..... Stick to the basic compound movements (squats,bench, deads, chins, rows, overhead pressing), get as much sleep as you can. eat as much as you can and as often. Minimize fat and sugar intake.


Coolness I did escrima as kid in North Carolina. If I was going to do it again, at the same time I would have done some more weight-training. In addition to the obvious things you might want to consider a lot of bent-over rows, pullups, and deadlifts.


I currently study Escrima/Arnis as well. I would go with what has been posted already. Simply strengthening everything will do wonders. There is no need to try and find weighted versions of the movements to strengthen that. All that would do is mess up your movement patterns. If you wanted to strengthen those movements simply take stick in hand and rep out some good strikes with hip movement. Try to do them fast and with power on the heavy bag.

Just my feelings.



Thanks for the advice guys, the EDT compound program looks appropriate.

Fireplug52 - Yeh I normally do my conditioning on a tire tied to a tree, which has quite a realistic feel for striking. What sort of FMA do you do ?




Thanks for the advice guys, the EDT Compound program looks appropriate.

Fireplug52 - Yeh I normally do my conditioning on a tire, has a nice realistic feel when striking. What type of FMA do you do?

cheers Doug


CLUB BELLS!!!!!!!!!!!


I love deadlifts for martial arts. I like the fact that you are using your upper body to harness your lower body strength.

Olympic lifts have the element of explosiveness that is so important in striking.

I really like sandbags, because they bring an element of realism, since they can be awkward and uncooperative, like an opponent.

V bar pullups and benching or pushups round it out.

Hanging leg raises where you let your legs roll off to one side then the other on the decent can really help develop the twisting muscles.


I also am in love with Deadlifting. It really strengthens and teaches how to explode through the hips while the upperbody is also involved.

I first got into Kali through the Northwest Kali/Jeet Kune Do. They teach Escrima as taught by Guru Dan Inosanto (I beleive he learned from a variety of folks, but mostly from Lacosta). I trained with them for about a year and enjoyed it immensely. My instructor moved to California, so I found a different guy who teaches from the Modern Arnis system, and is affiliated with the Dog Brothers.



One good thing about FMA is that you can hang an old tire and strike it with your kali stick for GPP


Great well I'll be sure to make deadlifts a priority. I train in Zu'Bu Ka'li Ilustrisimo, I think Inosanto also trained with Floro Villabrille, who was the nephew of Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrismo.