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Advice For A First Cycle


Recently purchased methyl masterdrol, however after reading tons of stufff on it it seems there are many bad side effects. Are oral tab steroids safer? What would you all recommend for a first cycle thats mild in potency? I'm look to add strength and size. Prefer an oral tab that i will keep the gains from after the cycle.


Bro, from your other posts you have been back training barely 8 weeks.
Dont you think you are rushing things?


Oh I'm not going to take it yet. I know I have some time to go, and i still know my body and mind isn't ready. I just wanted some advice so I can research it for a bit and come up with what I think would be best. I think I'm a good 3 months out before I will start a cycle. My strength is going up every workout, and i'm slowly moving towards what I could do 6 years ago. Once I hit a plataeu and I'm close on where I left off I will than start a cycle. So any ideas?


oral turanabol.


Did a quick goole on it and it seems you hit the nail on the head with this one. Any other suggestions i should consider? Facko PM sent.


Let me get this straight.
You have been back training 8 weeks and its ok if you look into it because you dont want to start your cycle for a whole nother 12 weeks.

You do realise that in your 30's, it can take as long as 12 weeks for your body to fully respond to just diet changes?

If your asking for advice, the best your going to get is this...

  • There are no short cuts.
  • Proper nutrition is the single greatest anabolic out there.

Its sad that you are 27 years old yet approaching this like you are 17.


Max, I think you need to REREAD my post. Looking for advice for the future. I was an Army for almost 6 years and I know THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS. I been there done that.

I agree with you 100% on nutrition. I'm just simply looking for help now, so when the time comes I can pull the trigger.

I think in order for me to be ready, I need some extened periods of time for cardio, and come very close to my lifts from the past. I was never a total compound lifter. I was more into isolated movements Ie; Dumbells. Once I can hit 90- 100 dumbell presses again, my cycle will start. I always been a postive thinker and even when I say in 3 months I will hit that mark, I know it may take longer.

Again Maxx :slight_smile: Looking for advice and ideas....


Ok man, i dont know you from adam.
I can only go by what you post.

You are posting like you are looking for short cuts.
You have even somewhat stated that in your previous thread..
And... it seems that you are very impatient.

To be honest, I dont really give a shit what you do.
But, you are asking for advice.

Here it is.
At 27, you are better off recognizing and tapping into your own potential before going down the route you are choosing.
This means, commiting to training for months, if not years, before coming to a website asking for advice on cycles.

You are currently about 8 weeks into training. I have had farts hang around my living room longer than that.

Once you are sure you have exhausted your current potential, then come here and post your history, training stats, food log and goals and i am 100% positive that you will recieve the answers you want.

From the looks of your posting history, it seems you havent even spent enough time to read the steriod newbie thread here. Dont you think that might be worth while?

Im not trying to be an ass.
I can see that I cant contribute to your journey so I wont tarnish your thread further.
Maybe some other guys will help you out.



Jesus motherfucking christ. I don't care whether you were in the Army or were a Franciscan friar, you're an idiot.

It is immediately apparent that you do not know anything about AAS...if you're asking for "first cycle advice" it is patently clear you have not availed yourself of the myriad resources at your fingertips. This site alone has tons of threads on first cycles, various steroid research, etc. If you had done your reading you'd ask informed questions.

BTW, don't take advice from a guy who can't even spell the name of the drug you're talking about. It's oral TURINABOL, and it's a serious drug. Read some of the info about the East German doping program (where OT was first used) and you'll see it's no joke.


You're an idiot. You are looking for shortcuts as you said in the link that maxx posted. Lemme guess the Muscle Armor and Blast Cycle not doin' the trick?


Err no never purchased blast cycle, and muscle armor has been helping alot with recovery times. :slight_smile: I was originaly going to take more then I should have to jumpstart everything, but muslce armor, protien shakes along with pwo shakes have been doing the trick.


I think the only thing helping the OP out is placebo effect. So I have some TrainerinDCBOL I created in my lab. Its a very potent anabolic with the side effects being becoming good looking, and increase in penile size and virility, and makes women want you. I will sell the 100 dose bottles for 60 bucks. Please send paypal payments to Trainerindc.


TrainerinDC, that sounds like some pretty good stuff - I'd like to invest in your lab...

Yes. Yes they are. Take as many as you like for as long as you like & if one liver goes bust, sure at least you have the other one!?

sarcasm btw.


OH MAN, where can I buy that........

/Sarcasm on


Paperturin is the best!REDICATS :slightly_smiling: