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Advice for a Complete Newbie!


Hi, guys i joined a local gym recently to get myself in to shape, after a consultatio the programme i was given was bicep and leg curls, vertical chest press, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, shoulder press, tricep push downs and standing calf raises 3 sets of 16 reps on each monday and friday and then wensday work cardio.

But after reading these forums im not sure weather this routine is that good as it doesnt include any squats/deadlifts etc and isit better to split the routine.

Any help would be much appreciated, ay thoughts on the abercrombie workout seems a popular workout in some places.

please help i need some guidance from experienced people


Programs don't matter much. Give it time and if you see progress then it works. If you don't see progress then try something else. Squats and dead lifts are important. Add them to your program if you feel you need to.

The best and worst thing about lifting is that there is no 'right' way. It's not always black and white.


Sounds like you got a shit program from a personal trainer who doesn't know what they are talking about... Is your goal muscle gain?? If it is then the program sucks.. If I were you I would be doing bench, squat, chins, deadlift, rows, dips and military presses (not all in one day ofcourse), & read some articles


Its a terrible program, period.


yeah, i did think it was a bit of an off programme, especially after reading the articles on here and other sites, thats why i poseted, its all machines aswell.

my main problem is i dont know what excercises to do together, thanks for the replies guys


try rippetoe's starting strength program. Just search for it.


or find a trainer who knows what hes talking about


Sure It could have been a lot better (more compound, less isolation), but squats and deadlift...well would you, as a trainer, give squats, deadlift and bench and other free weight stuff to a total beginner who just bought a single hour of your time without any planned follow-ups? I know I wouldn't because I just wouldn't have the time to teach him from zero how to do each of these techniques properly without injuring himself.

Keep in mind that in most gym, you have 1 hour to:
-Meet the client (he's probably late because he didn't know he had to be changed on time.
-Evaluates his need and acknowledge any physical problem he might have (pain int the back, knee problems...)
-Perhaps do some sort of assessment.
-Write the program down as you go with the client.
-Do some sort of warm-up, mobility and activation work (yeah forget about it...)
-Find a good starting weight with him for 1st exercise.
-Correct his form on the exercises.
-Get him to put a bit more weight, because he's a fucking pussy, without making him feel like one.
-Correct his form some more because he has no clue.
-Repeat for each exercise.
-Plan a sound cardio workout as do all this because you probably won't have time to do it with him anyway.

Now that's for a 1 day program, imagine doing a split program in 1 hour.
And you want the trainer to find time for squats, deadlift and bench which can take a good 15 minutes each to be somewhat acceptable? If he buys 6+ sessions then yeah sure it HAS to be top of the line but if not fagetaboutit you cheap bastard.