Advice for a Beginner's First Cycle

Hey guys

I’m looking for advice and education here. Long story short I’ve been training for nearly a decade and would like to try a cycle, it’ll be my first.

I’m looking to build some decent muscle but I’m not on full bulk mode. At the moment I’ve got my diet zoned in so that I’m building muscle whilst slowly losing body fat, so would like to use something for that purpose. So guessing something like Dbol wouldn’t be good (hence why I need the advice).

I’ve heard good things about anavar and winstrol but as I said, I don’t have tons of education about these things, and I won’t use anything without knowing what to use and how much.

All advice welcome


Was thinking maybe something abit stronger than normal supplements

Testosterone is not a supplement?


Is this the response to Zeeks comment about Test? You think Test is just a supp? Please tell me you are joking.


Welp back to Google for you my guy hit the books for a few more months then maybe consider steroids.

Sorry guys! I’m currently taking some medication that makes me drowsy and super out of it! When I first saw his comment I honestly thought he meant test booster supplements :joy: it’s been a long day!

Stop being so obstructive and just help him out.

OP, follow this for 12 weeks

Week 1-12 mix creatine with water and inject into eyeballs. 5g creatine every 3.5 days.

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Imagine me ready the first part thinking ‘ahhh finally’ then reading the rest underneath :joy: already taking creatine (not in eyeballs)

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As per Zeek’s advice, testosterone only cycle is advisable. Take a look at other threads on the forum as this subject has been done to death

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Is test something I can take orally? I’d rather not use needles everyday (bit of a pussy with needles)

I used to hate needles, but you kinda need to man up if you want to ‘get in the ring’. I got used to it very quickly

In all honesty mate, I’d be more concerned about the possible side effects from steroids than sticking a little bit of metal in your body.

Well I know about a lot of the long term side effects but to be honest I’m not considering taking this stuff for the long haul. I’m curious as to the effect it’ll have on my body, what I can get done with it, etc. I’m not looking to use huge doses and to be honest my long term goal isn’t to be competing at an Olympia, so I don’t want to do any crazy cycles.

Once I get my first cycle done I’ll know where I want to go from there. Just looking for a little education on it I guess so I know what to get, how’s much to use, when to take it etc

As I say mate, take a look at other threads. Plenty of them. Stick around and research research research!

Look at other threads, oral only cycles are highly advised against for multiple reasons. Until you are ready to inject yourself, avoid steroids, period.
Testosterone is the base to most cycles, and is among the safest and most mild, still while providing great ability to gain muscle.

Best of luck, but seriously, injecting is the way to go. Maybe you’re just not ready, or it’s not worth it to you, which is fine, stay natty.

Best of luck. Read around on here.

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If you aren’t going to run testosterone then don’t bother running anything. It’s a lot to risk just to see what might happen.

I had the same thoughts when I started trt. By injection number two I was over it. That was about 200 injections ago. It gets really easy really quickly.

I’m going back and forth in my head about either starting on winstrol or just biting the bullet with the needle thing and just running test instead.

So everyone. As a beginner using, running a first cycle of test, what dosages would you recommend, how often to inject, and how long should the cycle be? I was thinking just a 5 week cycle of test then 3 weeks of PCT.


I think you really need to do a lot more research and gain an understanding of all of this before you take the plunge. Injected something that a couple of us recommend isn’t the smartest thing either.

5 weeks is too short, what do you think you’d gain on such a short cycle? It’s not even worth shutting down your natural Test production for. There’s tons of beginner cycle threads on here. Read through them, read the pros and cons of AAS. Figure out if the risks are worth the benefits.

Not trying to deter you at all. Just recommending putting some real time into researching on your own before you make a big decision.

Best of luck to ya!


You really can’t do it that way. Short cycles don’t work well for pct guys. You need some time to get the most out of the cycle and five weeks won’t do it. You’ll probably end up doing more harm than good if I’m being honest.

It’s a commitment that lasts months. You have to be all-in if that’s what you’re doing. It’s perfectly ok if you don’t want to. You have to do what’s best for you.

You could theoretically design an oral-only short cycle to see how you respond. But you’re still doing a pct and you’re still messing with your hormones, so the benefit better be worth it.