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Advice for a Beginner

I’m 25, 6’2’’ 175lbs. I was injuried in the military but am for the most part fine now.I’d like to hear from you guys that have way more experience than myself, any advice would be appreciated.

My meal plan is about 3900 cal, spread out over 6 meals, (45% carbs/ 35% protein/ 20% fat) Am going to supplement w/protein,glutamine, creatine,BCAA’s & GABA.I also plan on lifting 4 days a week & cardio twice maybe 3 times a week. i think will try twice to see how my body responds.

What are your goals? What is your lifting program? Diet looks ok overall, I’d drop the carbs a little and add some healthy fats, maybe go for a 40/30/30 protein/carb/fat split. Also, do you really need all those sups right off the bat? It might make more sense to start off with just creatine, protein,and fish oil, and then add in the other sups once your progress starts to slow down.

I agree with ninjaboy. And I’ll add:

  1. Why the cardio?
  2. What’s your injury.

yeah if youre 6’2 i75 cardio is the very last thing you should be doing. then again you might be one of those skinny-fat people?

The only fat on me is a fake spare tire around my lower waist. I guess that much cadio would be counter productive. My goal is to put on as much mass as possible without a ton of flab.

I got a chemical burn on the inside of my lungs. It was the very difficult going from being very active, 210 lbs. And going down to 130. With a ton of breathing therapy I have a little asthma. I was told that I would have COPD like symtoms. But I don’t use or really need inhalers or anything. Being stuburn & telling all the pulmalogists to go to hell is what me kept pushing myself.

My workout is a 4 times a week. Mon-quads, hams. Tues-back & delts. Thurs-Chest & calves. Fri-bi’s, tri’s & forearms.
Waitng to take some of those supps would save me money & maybe help though a plateau later.

You’re probably better off not worrying about gaining fat, just concentrate on building muscle.

A decent foundation of muscle will give you something to cut down to later, if you feel so inclined. I’m guessing you probably won’t gain much more fat than you already have now because the new muscle you’ll build will boost you’re metabolism and you’ll burn fat that much faster.

Doing cardio while trying to build muscle will lead to very slow progress, if any at all.

My input:

You are grouping some very strange muscles together. How can you train your chest without training your triceps and delts … then training your calves on the same day?

Focus on compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses and pulls. Train exercises, not muscle groups. Isolation will not yield great results, IMO.

Something like:

Mon - Legs
Tues - Presses
Thurs - Legs again (I love that shit)
Fri - Pulls