Advice for a 2x a Week Routine

I’m wanting to do a routine that lets me hit each bodypart twice a week, with a split looking something like;
Mon- Back, Legs, Biceps
Wed- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Fri- As Mon
Sat- As Wed

I just want to know if there’s any advice you guys can give me in regards to hitting each part 2x a week, specifically in regards to the following;

  • Volume (such as number of exercises and sets)
  • Training to failure
  • Intensity techniques
    And anything else which may be important that I havn’t thought about…

Thanks guys

Modok has a couple of threads on this that might be helpful, at least for some ideas.

There are countless of posts regarding this matter. Use the search function. You’re a 2007 registered member. You should know better. Some common sense would be enough to design your own training routine anyway.

-in regards to volume I personally like reps between 6 and 10. I hit each body part directly twice per training session.

-in regards to training to failure I do that one or two successive sessions (diff. body parts) and then a light day…I just listen to my body. No need to over complicate things. If I’m feeling like busting my ass, the hell with it I do it. I been growing steadily this way. Whatever works for you. EXPERIMENT.

-In regards to intensity techniques-I just make sure to LOWER the weight slowly until I can feel the burn and contract the muscle when on the peak. When Upping the weight I do that explosively. It has worked for me.

Now pick a bunch of isolated and compound movements, stick to basics and propose a training routine.

Or you could just wait for another member to design a training routine for you, but I’m pretty sure you can design one yourself. Come on.

Good luck.

I second the BBB program :slight_smile:

You hit each bodypart 3 times a week, 1 more than you wanted :stuck_out_tongue: