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Advice for 5-Day Workout Program

just got off max-ot program …its not that popular on this website but the principles of it were

you must get 4-6 reps on each set and if u get more then 6 the weight was too light and if u get less the 4 it was too heavy

you train one body part a day wit 9 sets max
with 2 min rests in between sets(mostly compound lifts)

need a program that is strictly for mass and allows one to train 5x a week

any ideas would be great help

You should have some idea at this point of which exercises work for you and how your body progresses. You don’t need to follow someone elses routine.

You need to follow your own.

I agree. Know what works for you.

It took me a few years to figure that out…now that I know I haven’t stopped making gains in a while (8mo+)

Like these guys said, its really up to to find what your body responds too.

I’m in a similiar situation and am just going to design my own program suited to myself, since I train at home.

Check out Thibs article on how to design a damn good workout program, and the Thib system if you want to try this approach.

Seriously, if you are designing a 5x a week program you realy should know enough not to even need to consult an article like that. Not that there is anything wrong with it (great article), but I think most people past the beginner stage should have some idea of what exercises and rep schemes work for them.

The ultimate goal in bodybuilding is learning to listen to your body and design your routine almost instinctively by knowing how your body responds to different training stimuli.

Dan John One lift a Day

ya thats what ive kinda been doing just my own thing i was jus askin bc i thought ther was a possible good routine