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Advice for 5 Day Split

This is a slpit that i have been using for 2 weeks now and wanted to see if anyone thought it needed to be changed or if its good as it is.

Close stance box squats: working up to heavy sets of 3-7
Lunges: 3x10-12
Hack squat machine: 12-10-8-20
Leg curls: 12-10-8-20
Weighted sit-ups: 3x7-12

Bench press: working up to heavy sets of 3-7
Incline DB press: 3-4x8-12
Bent-arm pullovers: 3-4x6-12
skull-crushers: 2-3x10

Deadlifts: working up to heavy sets of 3-7
Weighted pull-ups: 5x5
Bent-over row: 3-4x8-12
Shrugs: 3-4x10-15

a1.Breathing squats: 3-4 warm-ups 1x15-20
a2.Pull-overs:3-4 warm-ups 1x15-20
Toe raises: 3-5x10-15
Side bends: 2-3x20

Standing press: 5x5
side and front raises: 2-3x15
Close grip chinups: 4x6-12
Barbell curls: 2-3x8-12

my current stats are
age: 18
weight: 175lbs
height: 5 foot 8
Squat: 335x2
Deadlift: 405x1
Bench Press: 225x4
Pull-ups: 90x3

my goals are to increase my size all around im going to be eating as much as possible. For breathing squats ive done them before worked up to 245x20 but i couldn’t do that now, starting with 185x20 this week. I try to keep my workouts under an hour then normaly run for 40-50 minutes.

hmmm…i think it looks fine, except i would recommend adding another triceps exercise on tuesday, other than that, it looks just fine

thanks whats another good tricep exercise dips maybe for reps anything else anyone can think of?

Dips would be fine, or floor presses, or close grip bench press, any one of these.