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Advice for 3rd Cycle?

Hey fellas, hope everyone is doing well.
Well it’s been 8 months since my last pin and I think I’m ready to go for round 3.

Just looking for a little advice or direction as I don’t actually know anyone in person that uses gear and can offer any kind of advice and I’m still a total newb.

First cycle was test e 500mg weekly / mast cycle. By far my best cycle probably put on around 18lbs of lean tissue and dropped my BF% considerably. Lots of chest and shoulder acne towards the end followed by a miserable pct with clomid, but I retained nearly all my gains from this cycle.

Second cycle was test e 750mg weekly/ eq 600 mg cycle. Gained a lot of strength on this cycle not much mass or body recomp though, and again terrible acne towards the end of the cycle. Really bad and took around 6 months to start clearing up. This cycle was kind of a disappointment but it could have been my eating I dunno, like I said I don’t have any info or coaching other than what I read here.

During quarantine I didn’t have access to weights so I was only able to do floor exercises and it shows.
I put on a bit a fat and lost a lot of strength, a lot…

Last 4 months I’ve been busting my ass in the gym and in the kitchen. I’ve been eating at maintenance and hitting the cardio 25 min everyday, switching cardio to before and after lifting each week.

I have finally gotten pretty much all my lifts back to normal strength except my bench press for some reason, still a little lower than before quarantine.

I want to start my 3rd cycle now that I’ve gotten my bf% back in check and my lifts are nearly back to normal.

I just have no idea what I wanna run. The last cycle was a waste I didn’t put on much of anything at all and feel I wasted a cycle / pct and off time.

I work from home now and have access to whatever schedule/ gym time I want and I want to make the most of it while I have the opportunity.

I wouldn’t mind trying tren, I’m actually not opposed to anything just wanna keep pinning per week down to a min. so not sure I could roll with tren ace or not.

Help? Any suggestions?

Goals this time? Nothing will ever be like your first cycle … or at least that’s how it was for me.

Really wanna pack on as much lean tissue as possible. Not sure if I’ll cruise after or cruise yet.

If you just want solid leans gains and can afford it what about Primo? Other than that you could risk the sides of Tren. Most other radical stuff is gonna blow you up only temporarily. I ran a nice clean cycle of test 300 / mast 300 / var. Low sides, moderate progress and keepable gains. Not highly transformational though.

Don’t really care about price at this point, I’ll pay to play. So far I’ve been able to retain my gains after pct, I only lost size due to quarantine and not training during. I haven’t read much on primo, I was just suggesting tren because I wanted to see some drastic changes and I have the extra time to put into the gym right now.

Think I’m going to run test e over the sus.
I had great results with test e on my first cycle, I’ve yet to try sus.

I’m thinking I ran too much my second cycle and maybe that was the cause of the crazy shoulder and chest acne that took forever to clear up. So I might try dialing it down a little for my 3rd cycle.

I’ve tried searching here and read that primo should be ran at 700mg per week but not sure if I can get away with pinning it twice a week. I’ll have to find that online calculator again.

If I ran that much primo per week where would I want my test? 250mg / week , higher?

Would tbol be a good kick starter?
I’ve yet to run any orals.

Testosterone is causing your acne. You want a cycle that minimises the amount of test.
250mg max/wk, 125mg may even be better. Make up the rest with masterone and EQ


Well my first pin was 12/10.
I started getting cycle advice from a trainer I’m working with now, and while I think he knows a fair amount about most of the compounds. He’s a blast and cruise guy and after a brief discussion on pct, I don’t think this is an area he’s very familiar with.

Unfortunately this was after I bought stuff I’m not sure I’ll need now. His suggestions were 500mg test e to start then we can evaluate and add in “stuff” later, I’m fine with that depending on the compounds he wants to add in later. I’ll definitely come here to check with you guys when he suggests these later.

The part I’m sweating a little is the pct. he asked me how I pct’d last time and I told him I used clomid the first time and felt terrible for awhile and the second cycle I used nolva @ 40/40/20/20 starting 2 weeks after last pin and felt great. I really didn’t even feel like I was on pct it went so smoothly. He said that was wrong and that I need HCG, so I ordered HCG immediately since we were ordering other stuff that day and I hadn’t had time to research yet.

I did some poking around here on the boards and found out hcg is used in cycle or after cycle leading up to pct but not during. I asked him if that’s what he meant and he said no I can just use HCG to pct.
Now I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s used and last time using just nolva I felt fine and retained almost all gains. I already have the HCG now, should I just hold on to it or use it before pct?

While reading up on hcg I also read that it’s better to wait longer than 2 weeks after last pin of test e before starting nolva pct?

I would wait 3 weeks to pct, and use the hcg 500 iu eod in that 3 weeks. Don’t use the hcg during the pct.

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Lol no. Use the Nolva for PCT like you did before. The HCG to ‘bridge’ from cycle to PCT is optional, but many guys like it

Thought I’d check in with you guys and give a little update.

Currently week 6 of 500mg test.
I’ve been following coach’s meal plan to a t. Changed up my training to less volume/ higher weight, 6 days a week. I dropped cardio first 5 weeks and just picked up back up last week, 20min uphill treadmill everyday.

Currently up 18lbs, all of my lifts are up by atleast 30 - 40lbs or more. This cycle is looking even better than my first, stronger than I’ve ever been and feel great.

I did experience some uncomfortable bloating around week 4. starting taking ai, coach keeps telling me it’s not e2 but to take ai if I still believe it is. That’s why I jumped back on cardio and started a fiber supplement, just to cover both bases.

He wants me to start dbol next week, never tried it before. Thoughts? I still feel a little bloaty but definitely putting away a lot of food at the moment too. Just not sure I wanna take something that’s gonna cause even more water retention. Plus I already deal with serious back pumps on ham and glute days. Can barely walk out of the gym on those days, but If dbol is gonna be a game changer I’ll load up the wheel chair and get to work!


Hey guys. 3 weeks left before I come down to trt.

So far I’ve put on 24lbs, by far my best bulk cycle. The dbol has really been great other than the horrid back pumps. I had to completely stop taking pump products and upped my taurine intake to 3-4g daily which seemed to help.

Gonna throw in 300mg per week NPP to finish off strong and see if I can put on anymore. Will keep you posted on what I finish at and what I keep into trt.

500mg test a week and dbol and you’ve put on that much weight and your lifts are up that much? Fuck. Super jealous.

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Same here. If I take 500mg test… 0-3lbs. Dbol maybe a few more.

You’re going to run NPP for 3 weeks at the end? I don’t think running nandrolone for such a short period of time is worth the potential side effects you’ll be dealing with. Don’t get me wrong, I love NPP, but I also never come off since I am running TRT and I don’t have issues with T production. While NPP will be in your system quickly, I would still want to run it longer than 3 weeks.

Previously you mentioned PCT and now you mention TRT, does this mean you are not coming off now?

Yea l, I’m gonna cruise for a little while. coach wants me to do a show this year and suggested cruising until next cycle. I’m still undecided how long but I’ll cruise for a bit either way because I wanted to taper the test down instead of just dropping it anyway.

Currently 223lbs @ around 12% BF
I didn’t figure 3 weeks was long enough for NPP but he says to trust him and we can put on more size before ending this cycle. I’ve never tried NPP so hopefully i don’t get crazy sides but it’s only 3 weeks.

IMO, about the only thing one could get out of 3 weeks of NPP is to see if they will get side effects. If the plan is to run it for the next cycle, then it serves a purpose in determining if NPP is a good fit for the next round. I don’t think a whole lot of gains will occur, but it will be a learning experience.

By no means am I an AAS expert, but how much will you really gain in 3 weeks at 300 mg/wk? I do not see you gaining much, if anything. It takes 8 days or so to reach 90% blood concentration IIRC and by the time you’re hitting your stride, you’re done with the compound.

I’m also not a BB’ing coach. I’m not saying your coach is wrong, but I am saying it is highly skeptical and I would be asking him lots of questions. Saying “just trust me” is a slippery slope. It’s ok to say that, but he better be able to back it up with some sound reasoning and logic when questioned.

Like @mnben87 said, the only positive that will really come from it will be seeing if you get sides in 3 weeks.

Post some pictures op!

Lookin good op!

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