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Advice for 3rd Cycle

32 years old / 5’10 / 197lbs / ~13% BF
Started lifting 8 years ago at 135lbs, and got to 175 naturally before trying my first cycle 18 months ago.

First cycle Jan’18, Test E 500mg/w for 10 weeks. Gained 20lbs and maintained about 12lbs of that a full year later when I decided to start a second cycle. Took Aromasin at 12.5E3D, didn’t feel great, but didn’t feel bad.

Jan ‘19 10wk Test E 500mg/w with DBol for 4 weeks at the start. After reading Iron Yuppies post recently, I realized I was a prime example of why using it as a kickstart can suck. Gained another 20lbs, and have maintained 10lbs of it (10wks since last pin). Opted for no AI although I had aromasin on hand. Felt better than first cycle and no estrogen related issues.

Instead of waiting until January again, I’m eager to try and start a bit earlier this time. September or October. I feel great now, but will do labs prior to starting to ensure all is good.

Considering Test E + EQ
Test E + Anavar from weeks 8-14 or something to give orals another chance at the end instead of as a “kickstart”

I do have “higher” cholesterol genetically, and although the DBol really didn’t raise my LDL much at all, I still have that slight reservation towards orals. Although I like the “simplicity” of Test E with some anavar during the second half.

I did take Tudca and NAC during DBol cycle, as well as year round Fish Oil (4g), Niacin 1000mg, and RYR 1200mg for my cholesterol to keep it in check.

Basically just looking for options and advice on a decent third cycle. Nothing crazy, I’d be thrilled with keeping another 10lbs again when it’s all said and done. Open to other suggestions that I did not list above.

Thank you all in advance

I like the test/var combo. It’s not that bad to have your cholesterol out of whack for 10 or 12 weeks of your life.

Thank you!

Does 60mg weeks 8-14 sound sufficient? I would run the Test E 500 1-12.

Always appreciate your advice and knowledge.

Can you get legitimate oxandrolone though? Oxandrolone is frequently counterfieted (even underdosed oxandrolone is fine), however I’d be rather upset if I was to use oxandrolone yet find out I’d been taking stanozolol when my knees snap and my rotator cuff complex decides to tear away from my body leaving me without ability to move my arms and then my arms and legs fall off and I turn into a carrot.

I’ve certainly read about that being a concern. I do believe I can, however, is there any way to test to ensure it is indeed real?

Or just take a slightly lower dosage and assume it could possibly be stanozolol?

$20 lab max test kit

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Thank you sir. I will certainly test to be sure. If it turns out to be stanozolol, is there a lesser dosage that is still effective and less risky? Or trash it and maybe run the DBol I already have for 4-5 weeks at the back half of my cycle?

I’ve certainly read some guys love winny, but have never really looked into it myself and the potential sides.

I’ll put it to you this way… I ran stanozolol for 2 weeks at the beginning of my blast I am on currently and I felt like ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT. Everything hurt and I am still very active with baseball and I play basketball once a week. I switched to oxandrolone and my body feels great again and I am getting great results. I am down 10 lbs from the start (on week 4 of my blast currently) and my body composition has changed drastically and I am still seeing gains in the weight room (all main lifts have gone up 15lbs). 100% go with the var if you can find good shit.

Thank you, exactly what I wanted to hear. I have read mixed reviews on winstrol, but the risk seems to outweigh the reward.
The guy I get my stuff from is an actual friend and honest, I’ll see if he is positive or it’s authenticity. Otherwise, maybe I’ll just try dbol at the end of the cycle this time.