Advice for 2 Week Cycle?

Hello folks,
I’ve read a bunch and have decided to do a quick 2 week oral only cycle of oxandrolone and stanozolol; 40mg and 50mg per day respectively.
Then it seems I’ll need 2-4 weeks of pct by taking clomiphene apparently because the roids are not aromatising?
I’d rather take tamoxifen 100mg on day 1 then 60mg for 8 days and 40mg for 8 days.

The 2 week cycle with these 2 steroids is set in stone but because I’m new I’d very much appreciate advice on the amounts I’ve come up with, pct(I want to avoid the side effects of clomid) and any words of wisdom you’d like to impart for my first toe dipping into this world.

Please and thank you!

Yeah, skip it.

People are going to recommend you skip all orals for a first cycle. First cycle should be Test only, anywhere from 300-500mgs per week.

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lol very helpful.

ah I didn’t see the second bit, yep I’ve come across that a lot but the cycle is decided, I just want clarification on pct primarily. Would it be okay to take tamoxifen this way for this cycle?

thanks for the reply

How old are you?

You’re going to crash your natural Test production and you have not provided for any Test to make up for it.

You’re going to feel like shit and all for a shitty little 2 week cycle.

Obviously you know alot about steroids :joy:

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some have said I could skip pct after this but I’d rather cover all my bases. Tamoxifen 100mg on day 1 then 60mg for 8 days 40mg for another 8? Would that be sufficient?

not provided for any test to replace it? I thought that’s what pct is for.

lol no I don’t know much, glad you find that amusing :+1:

I asked your age because you are showing immaturity in your stubbornness about being so set in your cycle. Especially when you might have made a dangerous or bad decision to stick with orals only for a first cycle.

Have you gotten blood work to see where your numbers start at for a baseline?
How long been working out? Size? Fat?

Tip toeing into this would not be orals only first cycle. I would say 400mgs , divided into 2 equal shots per week for 12 weeks would be a good start. Maybe even a lower starting dosage.

PCT is get your body to fire naturally. The quickest PCT is cold turkey.

I find amusing is how set you are on orals only cycle and you haven’t spent shit for time researching.

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WOW! I’m not sure where to start. PCT is to restore you natural production after a cycle. We all expect a shutdown during a cycle but that’s why TEST is the basis of ALL cycles. Your 2 little orals with no Test for 2 weeks isnt going to do shit. You’re also very likely to see some estrogen impacts.

You really need to do your research and pretty much read everything on this board regarding cycling, aromatization, PCT, endogenous vs exogenous test, etc.

I got most of this from here lol
both don’t aromatize and “won’t do shit” is relative.

Oral only is possible but for a short time. Test does not have to be the basis for ALL cycles.

You know it all brutha. Go ahead with your amazing first cycle. The title of that article fits you.

That article was from 2001. We have gained a much greater understanding of AAS since then

yes I’m a dummy and this is what I’d like to do.
All I wanted was a bit of guidance on pct.
There’s no pride or arrogance here.
You guys know it all, I know nothing so I made an account and posted this for a specific piece of advice. The aim was to clarify something from this article, from this site and get an opinion on how I should go using tamoxifen instead of clomiphene that the article recommends.

Instead, what I get is you two smug experts making fun of how little I know, dismissing the idea completely without reading the article, disregarding the actual question and instead trying to school me on all things steroids(again to illustrate my ignorance) while contradicting the article at almost every turn.

It’s from a long time ago but each drug is a lot older and if it has abrogated in such a way that this approach is counter productive or dangerous, please link me to the sources and I’ll do that reading and change my approach. Otherwise, I’d like give this a shot in this way if you don’t mind and I’d appreciate the support I asked for.

Little brother, I know we are being harsh. Its because you came here with your mind made up about a cycle that none of us here would ever consider.

You want to do steroids, then you gotta “ride the needle”. Almost any PED you put into your body is going to affect your natural test production. The point of PEDs is to ENHANCE your natural levels not degrade them.

Plus, orals can impact your liver. Are you planning on any liver protection? And 2 weeks? That’s barely enough time to even BEGIN to feel the effects of your cycle much less finish it.

We are trying to keep you from being burned here and maybe doing some damage. You’re 25. I didnt start anything until I was put on TRT and suffered with shitty Drs for a long time and then finally I started blasting about twice a year at the age of 50!

You’re walking down the wrong path.


Couldn’t of said it better myself.

Goals/What do you hope to achieve in 2 weeks?

This is a better way of putting it, thanks.
40mg or var and 50mg of winny for two weeks can cause lasting damage?
These roids would DEGRADE my test production long term?
Don’t all steroids degrade natural production which pct helps to bring back to normal levels?
I was under the impression that this is a very ‘mild’ stack, and for a short time like this the liver risks are negligible?
I’ve also read from nice folks like yourself and other articles that this is a fairly popular stack, is it not? The other gentleman says all stacks must have test.