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Advice for 19 Y/O with Low T Symptoms?

Hey all,
As mentioned in the title, I’m 19 years old and believe I may be feeling the typical symptoms associated with low t but cant be completely confident as I feel like I don’t have a reasonable baseline. I can already imagine yall shaking your heads as soon as you saw my age in the title, but I’m hoping to get some advice and guidance from yall who know more than I do. My bloods from earlier this year are as follows:

Total T: 386 ng/dL (264-916)
Free T: 10.9 pg/mL
E2: 8.4 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)

TSH 0.9 uIU/mL
T3 3.4 pg/mL
T4 1.42 ng/dL

Would greatly appreciate some insight

Eliminate all other possibilities before starting trt.


It may help if you have any additional blood work that you can provide.

What symptoms are you experiencing?

What does your doctor think?


What medications are you on?
Any supplements?

And labs that include:
Metabolic panel
Iron panel
Lipid panel


It’s possible you need it. But you need to do best to determine cause first.
Also, any testicular injuries?
And being your young, did you go through puberty ok? Hair and dick growth? Voice?

The low E2 is the biggest concern. These levels will cause osteoporosis. Normally estrogen is produced inside the testicles and via aromatase, if you lack aromatase enzymes E2 will be low.

In these cases the only way to increase estrogen is more testosterone.

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Height, weight, general fat level?

Current training and nutrition?

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I’m hoping to keep that as a last resort option as you recommend. I wanted to keep it broad, hoping for general advice or a good course of action

5’ 10" 175lbs, unsure of fat, maybe around 15 to 20%
Currently running the first five weeks or so of a gzcl template (somewhat high reps) as I am coming off a small injury. Numbers for S/B (paused)/D are 325, 235, 375
I don’t see any deficiencies with my nutrition as far as calories and protein go. I don’t take a multi anymore but take fish oil, magnesium, zinc, and vit d

Going backwards, I definitely didn’t notice much abnormal growing up. No injuries. No noteworthy supplements like prohormones or sarms, just stuff that you could find at any supermarket or drugstore (fish oil, multis, etc.)

Haven’t had other labs yet as I was trying to get a comprehensive list before blowing time and money on unnecessary tests or services but will try to follow up soon. Thank you all for the help

If you have insurance, get Dr to order labs.

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Aside from the previously mentioned tests, are there any other things that I should do to rule out other possibilities? If I were to go to a doctor for help, would I go to a uro, endo, or general/primary care physician?

Am thinking a urologist. Esp one that may do trt.

Where do you live?

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Near Dallas

I don’t know any near Dallas. Maybe someone will chime in. If you don’t find a trt urologist, you can call office first and just ask if this Dr prescribes testosterone injections. Call several. If they say Dr prescribes injections that is a good Dr to pick

If none , a urologist that focuses on reproduction is good too.

Another way call a pharmacy you know, or a compound pharmacy in your area and see if they can suggest a Dr that does trt. They know cause they know the drs the send them the scripts. Now this doesn’t mean you need trt, but these doctors can hopefully dx

Finding a primary Dr that knows what you need is near impossible.

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Thanks for all the great advice! Hope to get this figured out soon

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If you have insurance, also go to an endocrinologist at the same time. Just one that has decent ratings. You don’t have to tell them your going to a urologist. Have them do a blood work up to. Refer to labs above.

You need to advocate for your self. Bring the list with you and see if they can order. If Dr says no need, you say please - it’s non invasive a simple blood test and you want to rule out disease.

If you don’t have insurance, you probably want to do urologist first and see how it goes.

Urologist can order a testicular ultrasound too.

If the end result is in fact trt you will feel confident in doing knowing you investigated thoroughly and ruled out other stuff.

Btw you didn’t mention but if dick not working properly, use Cialis/Viagra until you figure it out. I know how you need a working d even if not having sex

Thanks again for the advice!

If your lifestyle is dialed in and you do not have some major negatives these values are pretty bad for 19 years old

Have you been on some strict caloric deficits recently?

no strict caloric deficits recently.