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Advice, First Cycle, 18 Yrs Old


Hey, I'm an 18 year old male. 5'9 230 pounds. I know 18 years old is considered too young to begin any cycle, but I've been done growing "up" since the 7th grade. Doc said growth plates are closed and whatnot. My senior year in August I weighed 170, and with proper dieting and lifting, I gained 60 pounds.

Anyways, I wanted to start a TestE 250 mg (weekly) and Dbol 50 mg capsule ed. Clomid and Liv52 for PCT. Been working out hard for four years. Squat- 400 (I know, weaker lift) Bench- 345 DL- 400 Consuming proper cals wont be a problem, close to 3500 or 4000 daily.
What are the expected results? Any advice?


Everyone is different. If you're telling the truth then you seem to know what you're doing. What is your bodyfat percentage?


You should take steroids when you achieve a natural limit,it appears that you currently do not need them. Continue to train and eat the next few years, results will come.




You have a very small chance of steroids effecting your growth plates, Now your HPTA is another story.

Anyway. The main reason I tell younger guys not to cycle is because unless there genetically gifted and want to take it to the next level in sports,bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc then you really have no need for them, You say you gained 60lbs from 170 in a year to 230. Now me personally I have a hard time believing your at all lean ( no offense ), I mean if you just gained 60lbs then why are you even asking about steroids??

Plus for your weight those arent very impressive lifts at all.

Overall I doubt you would listen to a couple of guys online so in honesty why dont you post up your routine, diet, and detailed cycle plans.




you maintain 104kg with 3500-4000 calories?


JackedJames, youre right. I was very lean with 170. I started taking creatine and mass builders after football and found myself getting heavier and more dense, yet not much stronger. Bench went up 275 to 345. Considering the amount of weight put on, thats minimum.


I suggest you learn more about food, Find the right training, and put on some quality weight before you start playing with compounds thta you dont need.

At your age your body is still maturing.