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Advice/Exercise Selection for Tall Lifters


Hey guys I am looking for suggestions as to what exercises are preferable for taller lifters. I am 6'7 ad 264 lbs I have no problems squatting or deadlifting it is the upper body that is lacking. If anyone has any suggestions for lifts us tall guys can do I would be glad to hear ! thanks




I think the exercises that work for short people work, work for tall people, it just takes time to fill in that long lanky frame. Personally for me focusing on heavy compound movements (press's, chins, etc) work and 'isolation' work does very little.

An extension to this question I have always had is why do taller athletes (usually around 6,1-6,3) seem to be the champions of various lifts that seem to have their leverage working against them?. For example Ryan Kennelly is meant to be like 6,2 and guys like Bill Kazmier, Andy Bolton, Scott Mendelson are all tall guys. Any thoughts?


I seem to recall reading somewhere that as far as shoulder development goes, emphasis should be placed on lateral movements instead of pressing, especially true in the case of a taller lifter. Correct me if I'm horribly off the mark here.


You have to keep this in mind. I've put on 25lbs since Sept and about 15-30lbs on all my lifts, and I can still hardly tell the difference in the mirror (and I'm only 6'3"). Don't get discouraged...as long as you're gaining weight and putting up bigger numbers in the gym, you will eventually be noticeable. Maybe it'll take you an extra 50lbs over some average height joe, but it will look all that much more impressive when you're there.

I've heard a lot of tall lifters say they prefer Leg Press to Squats/Deads (I personally prefer free weights), so you might want to experiment with that if you stop progressing with your lower body.


Really? It's a bit unusual that you have no problems squatting (not a bad thing, just sayin'). Are you all torso/arms with shorter legs?

Yep. Also check out Jimmy Smith's 'How Tall Guys Get Jacked' article:

Some solid tips for designing your overall plan.


Thanks for the info, as regards to squatting i just took the time to learn it (we had to for basketball and lucked out with a good coach) The census seems to just keep the nose to the grindstone and it will come dam long limbs!!! haha


A high volume of low rep sets has worked well for me (even on squats)...helps me focus on good form + adds strength far more rapidly than the more commoplace 3 sets of 8 reps, 4 x 7 etc set/rep schemes.