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Advice, Cutting Back on Beer

I am 44 years and have developed a beer drinking problem. Presently, I am unemployed so you can imagine my downtime habit, BEER!! I wakeup with the best of intentions but wind up drinking 12+ beers during the day. s…t there’s nothing else to do during the day. I apply for jobs via the Net and drink. now, I its become out of control. Really need some advice on how to control this. To me this is serious so please no bs comments. Mark

There was a thread in over 35 a few months back about this was that you?

Is the beer drinking just a hobby you’ve taken up and became a habit, or are you a full-on addicted out of control alcoholic?

If it was as simple as replacing the beer time with gym time, and stop going to the liquor store, I assume you wouldn’t need to ask the question. If it’s a serious problem, get some professional help or look up a local AA meeting.

you need to dig into your head and decide what’s more important .

is getting a buzz on more important than everything else ?

or is making gains in the weight room more important than drinking ?

being un-employed is a great time to make big gains in the gym if you choose to do so .

being un-employed is a great time to be a drunk .