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Hey dudes,

My name’s steve, 18 yrs old-- I’m pretty new around here, I’ve been lurking for a while though.

I’ve recently hit a plateau in weight gain and I need your advice.Is my diet or my kcals to blame? My main concern here is that my tanita says I’ve been gaining bodyfat which is pretty frustrating, plus seeing charts by various articles-- they all seem to pretty much indicate I’m eating where I should be to gain muscle and not a bunch of extra fat. I’m 5’8’’ 137lbs but at my worst I was probably around 155 19% BF. Now I’m sittin around 8-9% and eating 2500-2600 kcal.

I’m currently on a MAXOT cycle after GVTing it for about 4 weeks.

Here’s my diet from yest for example:

2 Slices Baker Whole Wheat Flax 165k
3 slices FF cheese 75k
1 tsp almond oil 40k
1/4 cup blue berries 20k
4 oz extra lean roast beef 100k

350g 1% cottage cheese 252k
10g whey 40k
10g jello mix 30k

workout 1
Surge 340k

post workout 230
1 tbsp pb 95
2 slices whole wheat flax 165
270g cottage cheese 1% 200

445 pre dinner
8oz extra lean rb 200
tbsp olive oil 120

dinner 630
2 eggs 150
1 oz roast beef 40
olives 25
salad 60
red peppers 60
salsa 40

1 scoop whey
1/2 cup milk

prebed 130
1 scoop whey
1/2cup milk

thanks in advance
~2650 kcal 45% protein 25% fat 30% carb

Don’t trust the scale.

if you aren’t gaining, add some protein.

If you stop gaining weight and your lifts stop going up you need to adjust diet first and foremost.

If your weight is going up (even if its slowly) and your lifts don’t, you need to change your workout routine.

I think your caloric intake is too low, your body needs more calories from carbs & fat or all that protein is going to waste. If you do not provide enough calories your body will just be using protein as an energy source instead of building tissue and than you have 1)not enough energy to create an anabolic environment and 2)your body will have problems synthesizing protein because its all been used up as an energy source

Especially everything from “post workout”(<-needs more carbs!) and after (<-more overall calories) needs work, and a glass of milk with whey doesn’t count as a “meal”

  1. Your calories don’t look that bad for your size, but it’s hard to say without more information.
  2. What’s the ratio of your muscle:fat gain, if it’s less than 2:1 then you need to either work out more/harder, reduce calories, or clean up your diet.
  3. I’m not sure what slices of flax are, but given the context that looks like bread. It looks like you’re having too much bread and dairy, with not enough meat and vegetables.
  4. Milk and whey is not a good choice for a standard meal, you need to eat more real food.