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Advice/Critique of this Squat Program

Program builded to increase a week squat in an advanced beginer/ beginer intermediate, and is suposed to exploit the remaining “beginner gains”:
Squating 3 times per week
Objective of the program: during each block the trainee will build a heavy 2x6, 2x5, 2x3 and 2x2
Each block consists of 5 workouts. The reps remain the same during each block, intenstity increases each workout, while the volume drops.
Between blocks 2, 3, 4 total volume decreases, intrensity increases but volume with a specific weight increases, for example:
During Block 1, you will be doing 2x6= 12 @ 105kg
During Block 2, you will be doing 3x5= 15 @ 105kg
During Block 3, you will be doing 6x3= 18 @ 105kg
During Block 4, you will be doing 10x2= 20 @ 105kg

Teorical 1RM 120kg
4x6@80kg (66%) = 4 sets of 6 at 80kg , intensity of 66% 1RM

Block 1
Day1 4x6 @ 90kg (75%)
Day2 4x6 @ 95kg (79%)
Day3 3x6 @ 100kg (83%)
Day4 2x6 @ 105kg (87,5%)
Day5 110RM

Block 2
Day1 5x5 @ 95kg
Day2 5x5 @ 100kg
Day3 3x5 @ 105kg
Day4 2x5 @ 110kg (91%)
Day5 115MR

Block 3
Day1 8x3 @ 100kg
Day2 6x3 @ 105 kg
Day3 4x3 @ 110kg
Day4 2x3 @ 115kg (95%)
Day5 120MR

Day1 10x2 @ 105kg
Day2 7x2 @ 110kg
Day3 4x2 @ 115kg
Day4 2x2 @ 120kg
Day5 125MR

There’s no reason for a beginner to follow something this funky. 4 blocks of 5 training days = 20 training sessions. 20 sessions of Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength would add 50 kg to your squat (2.5 kg x 20). This would only add 15 kg (I think?) You tell me which is better? Also there’s no reason for a beginner to peak like this.

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I’m guessing you’re the builder and trainee, in which case you have no business setting out your own program - let alone something so specific.

To squat more weight, get technically better at squatting. Twice a week is ample. Starting Strength or Texas method would work. So would 531 if you’re patient enough to do it properly and do some squatting after your deadlifts.

You can’t use a theoretical 1RM in a squat program for a begginer lifter? A begginer lifter in my opinion has no idea how to grind or push the heavy weight, nor should grind or push through heavy singles.

You tried using good knowledge but it’s kinda not applyable for your situation, imho.