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Advice/Comments on Planned Cycle

I’ve been working out for close to 20 years. I’ve ran 3 cycles in my life - the last one being 10 yrs ago. I was a young uninformed kid. Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, I am thinking about running another cycle.

Briefly, I’m 5’ll about 205 (after a dirty bulk) and floating around 16% bf. I want to run a cycle that will lean me out and make my strength go up. A superficial concern I have is that I don’t want to develop a moon face and grow man boobs.

My diet is pretty solid (keto) when in I’m trying to lean out. I should note here, that I have read the stickies and came up with the cycle below based on the materials. The following is what I’m thinking

W 1-4 DBol 10mg 3x/D
W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg E3D
W 8-12 Proviron 50mg/D
W 12 Nolva 20mg 2x/D
W 13-15 Nolva 20mg/D
W 16-20 Tribulus (optional)

Give the info above, do you think this will help achieve my goals, or, am I way off base?

Thanks again.

Run an AI such as arimidex or aromasin to control estrogen. Stay away from letro for now, as it can be a little tricky to determine the appropriate dose.

I’d recommend adding hCG to your cycle, starting a few weeks at approx 250 IU 2x week, adjusting the injection frequency if necessary. At your age, it certainly can’t hurt to take that extra step, even with a moderate cycle.

Drop the dbol if you’re stressing about “moonface”. Likewise, it’s probably also not the best compound to use from a psychological perspective if you’re “leaning out”.

Frontload the test E to get the level of T elevated more rapidly.

Make sure you’re starting PCT roughly two weeks after your last inject, which’ll probably put it towards the end of wk 12 / beginning of wk 13, rather than simply “week 12”.

You can lean up with basically any cycle, providing you stay on top of your diet of course. That said, this isn’t going to yield the same results as a test-tren cycle, but it’s fine for you right now, returning to the dark side after a long layoff.

Id also drop the dbol if your worried about moon face/bloat.

I think a Test Mast cycle would be perfect for what you seek.

1-10 Test e every 175mg every 2 days (similar sort of test as 250mg e3d)
1-12 Mast Prop 50mg every 2 days (175 mg/week if it is dosed at 100mg/ml which most mast prop is. Being prop is best used ed or eod at the least.

EOD will also help to keep moods more even

And nolva throughout including pct.

Mast is great for hardening and staying lean low water if diet and cardio is on the money.

This would still give you some hardening and anabolic effect while the test is getting out of your system.

Mast for libido is excellent too!

If you use the masteron, you can get rid of proviron as they work on the same sort of pathways (as far as competing with aromatase for estrogen) and you would use the mast from day 1 @ about 200 mg/week with your test dose.

You should have had the proviron running from day one for help of estrogen control I dont understand why you have it only for the duration that you have it (plus also you will get an anabolic effect from mast of which you will have no anabolic effect from proviron).

(you can probably tell I dont care much for proviron, this is partially as it is an oral that is not 17aa and therefore not protected and MUCH less efficient than mast because of it.)

When I use mast i hold very little water and can feel the estrogen drop in my mood and visually look harder the end of first day I use it…Its amazing for me.

All puffyness and size increase around my nipples drop to normal by end of fist day of use for myself. Not saying your body will react the same but I see mast and nolva as a VERY good way to protect against gyno efficiently with extra anabolic effect.

Like killing two birds with one stone I think of it that way.

I think a lot of people that say masteron does not lower estrogen or do anything have not had real mast…

I need no AI…only nolva with it and very little of that too like maybe half a tab 2x per week.

And you will need enough nolva to run all cycle something like 1 tab every day/2 days just in case anyway.

This is my experience with these compounds and giving you a simpler option to cycle and what I would do if I was in your place.

I would also consider running 8 weeks test e, 10 mast prop instead of 10/12 at your age, or look at 2 on 2 off cycles with test prop/mast prop maybe.

I believe this cycle will be very low in side effects but I will note that some people have hair loss from test/mast or both.

Wheras nothing kills my hair like stanazol

Woah…Re reading your first post…

Training for 20 years and 5’11…205lbs…16% bf?

You need to force your strength to go up, and use the steroids as assistance is that respect.

If the only strength you gain on cycle is from the steroids…you will likely loose that post cycle or soon there after. You need to force permanent tissue growth.

With heavy strength training and nutrition and rest comes muscle…without these three there is no muscle…

Lift big, eat big, sleep big.

Man, you need to look at your training and diet things are not right.

Im not having a dig at you im trying to help.

[quote]whotookmyname wrote:
That said, this isn’t going to yield the same results as a test-tren cycle, but it’s fine for you right now, returning to the dark side after a long layoff.[/quote]

W, so are you suggesting above, that it may be more efficient to get the results I seek by running a test-tren cycle?

Also, Smith Machine, thank you for the lengthy response. All of the advice you gave sounds solid. Not sure if I can get my hands on the compounds you listed. Regarding my training, I used to do primarily bodybuilding stuff when I was younger and did not chart my progress. In my 20s I did the same routine on again off again (at times taking as long as 3 yrs off when I was in school). In the past 2 years I have become a training addict. I am running Wendler’s 5/3/1 program and it has been working great at improving my strength. But, now that I’m in my mid-30s I could use a little help…

Thanks again guys.