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Advice Changing from GH to Sermorelin?

I’ve been doing 2 ius of gh now for 8 months my question is my trt doc is prescribing me sermorelin do I need to take a break before starting it or just stop the gh and start the sermorelin

Why is your Doc making the change? Having run both, I can tell you that you’re not going to see the same results from sermorelin.

The gh is from a buddy at the gym and to be honest not real sure about the quality

I ran sermorelin for 3 months with no noticeable affects. My sleep improved but that was about it. My IGF numbers barely moved. No need to run both at the same time of course but I don’t see a reason to not start the sermorelin immediately after ceasing the GH.

Thanks I appreciate it

A couple things that happen on real GH is tingling or numbness in fingers, and water retention. You could also get a single blood test for HGH about 4 hours after injection.

A friend of mine spent a ton on what turned out to be cheap/fake GH. He tested his IGF and it was shit. It happens.


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