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Advice Before Starting Building The Monolith?

Getting bored with what I’m doing and what to start something new. My main goal is size. From what I’ve read I beleive @flipcollar has run this and said it does indeed pack on the beef?

Anybody have any better recommendations before I start? I’d also like to run it longer than 6 weeks.

I ran the full 6 weeks of it. Put on 4.5lbs
Great program. Run it twice if you want it to last longer.


Did you add anything besides what’s listed?

Ab wheel for 4 sets on day 3. I used an axle for all pressing work (minus day 3 for weeks 2 and 4), and continentaled it from the floor for all sets on day 3. For week 2 and 4, I used a log for all day 3 pressing.

I also giant setted every single workout, to get it all done in an hour.

Wrote about it here


Did you ever do a write up once you finished the program? (I saw you mention that in the thread you linked)

I did, on my blog. If you google “Mythical Strength Building the Monolith” it should show up.


If you run it similar to how @T3hPwnisher did it, you’ll build size and work capacity much better than the original imo. I’ve ran it twice now and it kicks my ass every time. Make sure you eat and get as much sleep as you feel your body needs. Run it as close to the program as possible and you’ll have a good run through.

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First time I’m going to run it exactly how it’s written. Depending on how I feel I may add more accessory work but I won’t be taking anything out. Only thing I won’t be able to do is the 12 eggs. I’ll get sick if I eat that many eggs. I will do the 1.5lbs ground beef and I’ll add a little more protein via food and shakes.

I’m telling myself once I lose 10 more pounds I’m gonna start eating big and growing again!

Wait: are you saying you’re going to run this program while trying to lose weight? Or do you mean this is a program you’re going to run when you want to gain?

I got sick eating the dozen eggs a day too. Just part of the experience.

Oh no, I’ll be eating to grow when I run BTM. I started at 200 and went to 225, I think I gained a fair amount of muscle (for me). I want to get back to 200 without losing much muscle and then get back to 225+. My goal is to stay in a size 34 waist pants so I don’t have to buy new clothes lol. I still fit fine at 225 but I’ve never not been fat and I want to fix that.

With all the squatting you do on BtM with the sled work or lunges, good luck with your ass still fitting. Ha