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Advice Before Get Levels Tested?



I saw the doctor today and he gave me a form to go get blood work for my testosterone levels to see if I am a candidate for testosterone therapy . I've read the "your doctor, your pusher" article referenced at the end of this post, but I am not a drinker. If I do the other things listed in the article is that sufficient ... without the alcohol part? My doctor also told me that it is best to go in before 9am as my testosterone levels are highest in the morning. Logically this would mean that I should stay up all night the night before as indicated in the article or go in the evening? Will taking Finasteride help or hurt lowering my testosterone levels?

What is the standard process from first visit to receiving the therapy?

1.) General practitioner visit
2.) Blood test
3.) General practitioner evaluation of blood test
4.) (If needed) Endo or Urologist visit for test result analysis and prostate exam
5.) (If needed) Prescription is given and treatment begins.

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There are 7 stickies in this forum. Start with advice for new guys.

There is no info in the stickies re depressing T for lab work. You could be eating a lot of grapefruit and taking OTC cimetidine. These can increase E2, lower LH/FSH and T. But then you don’t know whats going on.

Fin lowers T–>DHT but does not normally affect T levels. But for a few, it totally breaks their HPTA. Suggest that you avoid it because of the damaged gene expression [epigenetic].

If T is low, you need to know why as low-T is not “the condition” but is a symptom. Your T could be low from a thyroid problem and you would fix the thyroid problem and not mask one of the symptoms. Many things can affect your hormones.

Don’t have T-Tunnel vision.

LH/FSH [cannot be done after you start TRT!]
prolactin if older

Read that sticky!