Advice Anyone?

After a grueling rugby season that ends this coming weekend I put on a little too much fat for my liking…I have a couple of questions…I started taking Hot-Rox this past week but my real diet doesn’t start until this coming Monday. Right now I’m 200lbs @13.5% bf. Obviously I want to get down to 5%. I plan on using Christian’s “The Beast Evolves” program:OVT and The Running Man for 6-8 weeks using it with JB’s don’t diet but only at less cals: 2,400 and about 80-100gr carbs a day… then switching over to Cy’s steroid dieting for 4-6 weeks or until I hit 5%. My questions are: 1) is OVT too much volume for a restricted cal/carb diet and can I continue using it throughout Cy’s steroid diet?? or should I change my routine once I hit steroid dieting? If so, what program should I do once I change diets?.. 2) I was planning to do CT’s OVT/RM without Mag-10 and using Mag-10 for the 4-6 weeks straight with Cy’s steroid dieting. Do you think this is the best plan? or do you think I should use Mag-10 2 on-2 off throughout?? or can you advise something thats best for me??? I will be taking Hot-Rox the whole time…Thanx…your advice is much appreciated!!! :o)

for most ovt is way to much while dieting, believe me i have followed the program. it is one of the toughest things you will ever do in the gym. try a low volume strength training approach like 5x5 or poliquins maximal weights routine. i have made more changes to my physique with that combo in the last 4-5 months than i did in the previous 2 years.
strength training + dont diet + running man = ripped.