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Advice and Tips for Returning Gym Bro?

Took a bit of a break from the gym but I am now back. I am new to the forum but thought it would be good to get some advice to help me gain even a pound of muscle more efficiently. I am 19 but turning 20 in a week and have not worked out consistently in about a year and a half. I started working out at between ages 13-14 and stopped shortly before I turned 19. I have no good excuses for why I stopped, I just had started college and let school, partying, etc. get the best of me.

I was looking to get back in the gym around September of 2020 and was 15 ibs down from my usual weight after not working out, which is around 165 ibs, but my town was hit by a hurricane which did not end to well. Also lost an extra 10-15 ibs from anxiety related issue after the fact but was able to figure those problems out, but it left me at a whopping 135 ibs.

A new gym in my town has finally opened and I am getting a membership this week. I am looking for any advice on training, nutrition, and natural supplement or vitamins that I could use as I get back into the gym and gain back some muscle. I do not have a training program set in stone yet and am looking to find something simple I can follow to ease me back into the gym. I am currently not recording what I eat but I do plan on starting to do this next week.

Any advice on diet for solid, lean weight gain would be appreciated. I do not really have any history with supplements other than creatine and protein powder back in high school. Would not be opposed to trying a supplement(s) or vitamin(s) that would help with well-being, recovery, or muscle building.

So, I am 5’8 and 135, looking to start my body transformation journey again and looking for any advice. I will be posting updates weekly with logs of what I am doing when I start and progression pictures. I will start in a week or two depending on how quick I can figure out what kind of plan I will start with. Anything is appreciated!

Also, here is a picture of me when I was in my best condition in high school my junior year and I also tore a hamstring not long after this picture just to mention.

Deep water. Training plan and diet all in one!

(@T3hPwnisher are you proud of me!?)


What were you doing for 5 years?

Programming and diet approach

General goal and motivation?

If you are just starting back in training, start out small. Find a manageable training program that you can stick with consistently. This will help you build the necessary training momentum needed for long-term progress.

I would suggest a 3 day, full-body routine. There are many great ones out there. Take your pick.

Hope this helps.

looking into it! Was able to find program from a quick internet search but haven’t seen anything on deep water diet.

From what I understand you should buy the book. Explains everything much better than any review online would.

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What were you doing for 5 years?
14 and 15 was just doing football weighlifting workouts at school. This was also followed for the next 3 years but I started hitting gym myself. I was hitting each muscle twice a week in a push/ pull/ legs type of split.

Programming and diet approach
Did not diet much until I turned 17. Always have been skinny so when I started working out I would eat whatever I could get my hands on. When I did start dieting it would just be a basic lean bulking diet eating more calories than I would burn.

General goal and motivation?
Current general goal right now is to gain back weight and muscle, trying to get back to 165-170 range. Short term goal would be to get back in gym and get up to 140-145 in beginning months. Motivation is the fact that I hate being skinny and also just enjoy the gym in general.

Will definitely look into that! That would be the program by Jon Andersen right?

I was actually leaning towards starting with a full body program as I get back in, thank you!

Well I think they’re great and I’ve been training for over 15 years. You don’t have to worry about getting your plan messed up with a bad week like you could with a body part split. Every time you train, the whole body gets hit. My opinion is that for 95% of people, the classic 3 day, full-body split would work wonders.

As with anything else though, you have to see what works best for you.

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3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Animal protein, healthy fats, and good carbs in every meal. At your size and age, and with a history of being in shape not too long ago, you should be able to re-inflate pretty easily.

There are tons of general routines you can follow. Getting back into the swing will just be a matter of re-establishing consistency and then fueling recovery with ample food. This is one versatile pull-push-legs template to consider: Strength Training: College Edition | T Nation

I’m guessing the hamstring tear is fully healed and functioning at 100%, so you can go balls out on the training soon enough?

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Starting Strength, Stronglifts 5x5 or any other program comprised of a few compound lifts performed 2-3 times a week.

Start by eating 15xbodyweight in calories, with at least 1gm/pound body weight of protein. When gains slow down, increase calories by 10%, and repeat until desired hugeness is achieved.

Just These, plus a multivitamin. Everything else is a waste of money. Please trust me and don’t waste thousands of dollars like I did.

And stick with! Do not program hop. Do not search for some magical program that will produce better results. Just train your whole body 2-3 times a week, using major compound movements, and add weight to the lifts as quickly as you can while maintaining perfect form. There is no program or exercise or supplement out there that will do more for you than doubling all your main lifts in the next year or two.

Keep it simple, add weight to the bar until you can’t anymore. Then eat more and start adding weight to the bar again. Happy gainz!

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Thank you for the input! And yes my hamstring is back to normal, thankfully.

Thanks for the solid advice! I am thinking I will be doing a full body program with plenty of compound lifts and will stick with it. Going to try to start out slow to get my body readjusted and then start adding weight(just some solid progressive overload). Really want to build that muscular base for my twenties. I will also take that supplement advice and use the $$ towards the necessities and food to get the gainz!

Also wanted to say great articles! I looked into two of them so far and they have some really good information.

It’s funny how individual this is: I find full body splits more complex and prefer bro splits. It also kinda shows you you can’t go wrong: just pick what you like (that makes sense) and put in the work.


yes sir!

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Yeah. The Deep Water e-book contains the program and the diet. It’s an outstanding approach for growth.

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Most definitely. Bro splits kind of get a bad rap for some reason now and it’s silly. I’ve probably used bro-splits most of my training “career” (if you want to call it that) and have built a great physique from them. Anything done consistently works.


And you lost me. Can’t agree with this. I agree that many different training methods will work, with tons of dedication, applied over a long period of time, but the above quote?