Advice and Thoughts on My Cycle

I started my cycle of Deca 400mg per week and 250mg of sus per week. On week 5 I added to this cycle 200mg of Equipose (Boldanone) twice a week (400mg per week) in week 6 I introduced Tren acetate at 50mg eod, I am now in week 7 and starting to see some good results. I can almost feel myself growing and my strenth is increasing greatly. I have little to no water retention. I train 5 days a week for about two hours a day. 30 mins cardio. 1.5 hours lifting. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

Are you taking Dostinex? Just curious if you have experienced any “deca dick” running that little test.

I am going to run Deca for my next cycle and I’m trying to decide my test dose. I can’t get Dostinex so I was thinking 750 mg test E and 400 mg deca.

No. I havn’t experienced Deca dick or Fina Dick, its on the back of my mind though. Im thinking my dosages of deca and Tren are small enough. If I do experience any signs I’ll double the sus intake.

No. I havn’t experienced Deca dick or Fin dick as yet. Im thinking my dosages are low enough to prevent this. If I do get any signs I intend doubling up on the sus.

Thanks bushido, Could you tell me how I would combat this low libido to increase the E2 levels when the time comes. I’ll cut down my lifting time too. When you say to inject the rest of my EQ in one or two goes that would be like 10ml in 1 or two goes (2000mgs) is that what your saying. Is that not gonna cause any harm? Thanks for the input.

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OP: You lift too long IMO. 60 minutes is all that’s needed. Longer than that and you are catabolising proteins and ultimately, inhibiting gains.


I’d like to see the literature you’re basing this opinion on? Not trying to call you out. Just interested.