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Advice and Help on 5x5 Please

basicly i tested all my rep maxes out before starting this program and its all okay except bent over rows i tested them doing bentover rows at a more upright angle.

however i then changed the kind of bent over row i was going to do as it became apparent that i feel it more doing it less upright (yes stupid i know)

so i had to change my weight around during the first two weeks to adjust to the stance of Bentover rows i am now doing and have now narrowed down the weight to a good estimate for what it should be for the current time in the program.

my question is considering i started too heavy but am now going to enter my third week with roughly the right weight; will i have ruined bent over rows progression from the 4th week or will i still progress but most likely stall earlier with progression on bentover rows as i didnt ramp up accurately enough from the weeks before? should i just carry on with the third week the the good estimate?

i do help my recovery with a good diet and ice baths massages etc i go to a sports uni so i have the luxury of this

any dudes?

Muscle is not built by having some magical combination of sets and reps and percentage of 1RM or any of that bull. Are you working really really hard in the gym? Are you feeling the muscles, using a full range of motion, progressively getting stronger? Eating enough food to gain weight?

“5x5” is irrelevant.

its madcows 5x5 program just saying i think i have started to heavy on bent over rows when your meant to back into it initally


lift and shut up lol

Read the strongest shall survive by Bill Starr. Published in the early seventies and light years ahead of its time.

It really is beyond me how the heck someone can screw up a simple program like 5x5 and over-analyse to this degree? lol!

The whole philosophy about that kind of training is bare bones strength progression, which = bigger muscles…albeit with some imbalances over time