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Advice and Direction

Hi all. This is my first post here on T-Nation. the gym to me is everything keeps me on the move everyday. its like my 2nd home. i have been doing weightlifting for around 2 years or so, but i will admit i broke some rules and partyed a bit to much and wreck what i was trying to mold.

that was the past, but i have been training for around 6 months solid, but with little results, i kept buying mucle mags to see if they could point me in the right direction. but with little avail.

one of my buddys that i went to uni with told me about this website and how the ‘real gym freaks go online to’ been here read some amazing forums than decided to join. i know u all that have been with T-Nation for some time are gonna think ’ ah man’ another newbie that is just taking up space.

i just ask that i am not like that, weightlifting is a part of me, its a shame that there are alot of jock straps that blog up the site, but anywaz.
i plz ask if someone can point in the rite direction.

i’m 5’11 183lbs - mission-> build strangth and mucle but try to kepp the body fat down, gotta some that i am trying to get rid of.

my current program:
Mon: Chest
Bench - max out on 175lb
Incline Bench - max out on 140lb
Decline Dumbells - 4x20rep w/ 40lb DB
Lat pull down - max l70lb
reverce lar pull down - 150lb

not to sure tried many kind of exercise-
DB curls - 35lbx12 3 sets
Hammer - 30lbx12 3 sets
Stright bar curls - 70lbx10 3 sets
V bar pull down - 80lbx10 3 sets
dips 4sets of 20
(i have bad tri’s)

Squat - 250lbx10 3 sets
incline squat machine 350lbx10 3 sets
calves rises, 90lbx25 3 sets
35lb step up on a bench

Then the programs repaets inself, 6 times a week. i have played around with different exercises to see how it world work. but i belive i have reached some kind of platau and my body doesnt want to change, i alterted my diet to drops some body fat, played with the weight by adding some or increacing reps, still nothing really.

i have no idea wat to do and i dont want to read any of thoses muscle mags. after reading what ppl post on here, they should be the ones write the books.

all i ask is can someone help kick start my body to grow and develope, help me make a program, such as what exercise to do, wats reps to do, how offtern to train, how many secs between exercices. i know it may seem like a lot and being greeding but i hope someone wouldnt mind taking soem time to help

i dont dick around when asking for any kind of help, and the body builders at the gym are dick (sry to all who are bodybuilders not nameing you guys) just the one there that could give a fly fuck and BS you into doing wrong stuff and make it look like you are thier bitch.

anyway. any form of comment is always good, bitch if u want i dont mind just tell it to me.

Thank you for taking time to read this