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Advice and Criticism Please


IM 15 YEARS OLD. IM ABOUT 5'9 AND WEIGH ABOUT 68KG. ive been doing a little lifting for the past few months and have made gains but cannot show much due to excessive fat. i have a barbell dumbells and a bench. i am not interested in developing my lower body but mostly the upper. this is my 'routine' if thats what you want to call it

monday: chest : Incline BB benchpress 3x10
Incline Close grip BB BP 3x10

            INCLINE DB benchpress 3x10
            Incline DB flyes 3x10

tuesday: ABS : 6x30 situps

wednesday: Bic , Tri : seated DB curl 4x8
DB concentration curl 3x8
BB curl 5x10
Reverse BB curl 3x12

thursday: ABS: 6x30 situps

friday: chest

saturday: ABS

Sunday Biceps

routine doesn't run on a specific day it changed slightly in days everyother week

i know its shit but it seems to work?? any advice on what i should eat also im not alloweed protein drinks and crap like that. any help on what to improve ??


forget losing weight and keep eating and exercising till you are 18.

try to eat 3500 calories more or less, about 5-7 meals every day, with breakfast being at least 1000 calories, and having carbs fat and protein.

the other meals should be more or less the same calories, but get protein with every meal

generally you should have about 3500 calories and with your height and weight 200 grammars of protein a day should be ok

do lower body work too


You're doing the old chest and arms thing. This will not make you strong and muscular or get rid of the fat.

Read the beginner threads. Do a basic program that includes legs and back. Rippetoe's Starting Strength is the best.

Do cardio, preferrable sprints, but just get your ass moving faster than you're used to on a regular basis.

Get rid of the junk food, cut out all white carbs (sugar, white flour, white rice, all baked goods). Eat lots of meat and vegetables. Drink lots of water, no juice, pop or sweets. Drink milk (white or chocolate) after your workout.


I saw Lordstorm's post after my first post so this is largely in response to the advise that he gave but it is directed at the OP.

I don't beleive that at 15 you need to be concerned about bulking. Your muscle growth will be largely determined by genetics and your hormones for the next couple of years. You can influence it somewhat but eating 3500 calories a day will have the affect of making you fat. At 68 Kg you are not fat now, but you are at the 75th percentile for your age. Given that you have been conducting an inefficient weight routine for a short time, you probably are not more muscular than average so yuo must be fatter. That and the fact that you said you have excessive fat, your priorities should be on getting strong and losing fat, not in bulking.

Lordstorm is absolutely correct about eating several meals a day, breakfast being the most important, and eating protein at each meal.


You do need to include lower body work, the reason being that it will severely limit the potential for upper body gains if you neglect the legs. The body regulates growth to maintain balance. You won't grow decent pecs and arms if you're trying to hold them up on chopsticks. Learn how to do squats and deadlifts, even if the weight is light or you have to use dumbbells.

These lifts will promote strength and muscle gains over the entire body and can help you get leaner in the process (high energy requirement lifts). Don't make the mistake every uninformed high school trainee makes and just train chest and arms. You'll create imbalances that will inhibit strength, minimize muscular growth, and lead to injuries down the road.


I hope people treat you nicely, but you have to be ready for a rough ride.

Basically that routine at your stage is not good. There are plenty of routines here for you to choose from. My suggestion would be to look for two guys called Chad Waterbury or Christian Thibodeaux (sic.) and use one of their workouts as your starting point.

As for diet look for another authors called Berardi or Lowery as they know more about nutrition than me.

However you must understand that if you are fat is because of what you are eating. Two things that will have to be in your mind from now until forever. Protein and calories. The protein will build your muscle and the calories will fuel your energy for the day. Carbs and fat will depend on who you are and what you need to do during the day.

At your age with your stats I don't think you are fat, maybe undermuscled is better for you to understand. If you weighed 120kg and couldn't bench press 60, then yes you are fat. What I would suggest is to start getting some jogging or running 3 times per week. Set aside another 3 days for lifting and join a sports team. Get out as much as you can.

Hope this helps


thanks everyone its helped alot :slight_smile: but how am i suppose to do leg workouts if i have not got the equipment? thanks a million anyways


ok im getting more confused



What happened in 17 minutes that got you confused?

Next, if there are a bunch of workouts already recommended to you, why would you need someone to make one specifically for you when they know nothing about you?


squats and deadlifts are pretty much mostly leg workouts along with a bit of abs. but pretty much any exercise helps abs anyway .

and uhm you dont have any leg exercise equipment at your gym?

as for what stuward said, yeah i didnt mean so much bulking up, but as far as ive seen, especially concerning height it really matters how much you eat till you are 18 or so. so yeah maybe you wont put that much muscle compared to if you were 20 years old but in the long run its gonna help :wink:


perform a powerclean and when at the top of the motion squat down to where you're thighs almost touch your calves.

or look up snatches on google video. There have become one of my favorite lifts.

if you have a barbell... you can deadlift.


Many people already have. Do the legwork. Start w/ Mark Rippetoe's beginner program. Sadly, you may have to spend a few minutes researching to figure out what that is, but I assure you, it will be worth it.

As for your inability to do lower-body work, you can do deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, hack squats, jefferson lifts, olympic lifts, you can have a squat rack built fairly cheaply, you can deadlift the bar to your thighs, squat, hook your arms under the bar and do zercher squats, or you can clean the weight off the floor and do front squats.

You can also snatch the bar off the floor and do overhead squats. You can also do unweighted single-limb leg work. You can do lunges, reverse lunges, and walking lunges with your dumbbells. You can do dumbbell squats and dumbbell deadlifts. You can do dumbbell swings and dumbbell snatches. You can do dumbbell step-ups onto your bench. So I'd say you have plenty of options.


oh btw, since most 15 year olds are kinda impatient, as far as ive heard and im sure they are right, there are SO many people stressing out here that if you are gonna do squats or deadlift you had better know how to, so make sure you learn how you should do them, you are gonna make far more progress that way and you will avoid injuries.


You're going to have to do some of the work yourself but I'll help you out a little.




You're neither willing to pay, nor do you have perky tits.

Stop being lazy and research.


thanx ever1 uve been a big help..but the rippletoe program thing doesnt seem as if it will work my chest and arms though???


O yea, it will!


Whoo boy... why does this clip come to mind when you are asking for advice:

Why not just do snatch deadlifts from a platform 3x per week for 3 sets of 6-8 reps... in addition to whatever shitty arm program you insist on doing. Keep adding weight slowly over several years until you eventually are lifting 150kg. After a while you'll be so tough you'll wonder why you begged like a girl yesterday for a program to get swole guns and pecs.


Whoo boy... why does this clip come to mind when you are asking for advice:

Why not just do snatch deadlifts from a platform 3x per week for 3 sets of 6-8 reps... in addition to whatever shitty arm program you insist on doing. Keep adding weight slowly over several years until you eventually are lifting 150kg. After a while you'll be so tough you'll wonder why you begged like a girl yesterday for a program to get swole guns and pecs.

thanks nice to see u taking the problem from one girl to another


So you like/dislike the clip? How about the advice? It's hard to tell to which portion of my comments that your comments are referencing.