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Advice After Couple of Years Out: Skinnyfat


Getting back into lifting now, I used to lift regularly a few years ago, I made some progress and gained size but stopped and now I'm currently skinnyfat after two years of pretty much going to work, eating whatever I could on the go and little activity.

I 24, currently weigh 185 lbs and I am 6 ft 1 tall, I would say my bf is between 20-22%

Arms flexed at bicep: 13.5 inches

Waist at navel: 38 inches

Neck: 16 1/4 inches

Forearm: 11 1/4 inches

I have never counted calories, just roughly tried to make sure I was getting protein in, so I am currently reading up on diets and recipes.

I have no idea where my lifts are at but I know I am pretty weak, I could probably rep my bodyweight once on the bench press at a push.

Ideas and advice would be appreciated.

I have no idea on how to proceed from this point. I want to make a dramatic change in my physique and have given myself a year to do so.

I am considering doing a program based on stronglifts and eat at a small deficit and see how that progresses over the next couple of months.


Seems like you got most of it figured out.

Pick a program, stick to it, and eat.

I also like for people to watch this. It's just so much pertinent knowledge.


You realize eating in a deficit can only make you smaller... not bigger, right?

You can't put in less than required and hope for the best. That won't work, it will only frustrate you.


I aim to work hard Claudan.

I have watched those videos they are v good and I have a meal plan in place now.

I want to hopefully recomp/lean down over 2/3 months and then see if I am at a stage to clean bulk.

Believe me I want to gain muscle ASAP. But having this high bf weighing me down physically and mentally, is an issue.


Gotchya, that sounds solid, good luck!

Yeah, my thinking with the whole 'deficit' comment was that even though you think you have fat to lose,

you could technically lift, eat in a slight surplus, and end each lifting session with a 15-20 min HIIT session.

That would allow you to get stronger, build muscle and burn body-fat all at the same time. Muscles require a lot of calories when they are on your body, so feeding your up-and-coming muscle-mass gets prioritized in the surplus, replacing any activity of your body to store this surplus as 'fat'.

The best way to go is the way you feel most comfortable with though, so I wish you the best of luck and I'd be interested to find out how things turned out for you.


How fat could you possibly be at 6'1 and 185? Start smashing weights and eating regular meals with plenty of meat.