Advice After a Back Injury


  About 2 and a half months ago hurt my lower back, to be more to the point my lumber region the right side. I went to the doctor and they told me it was a muscle strain. Now I took muscle relaxers and took my time to rest. But today i hit the gym,after two months tried to do a few deads (light weight/105) and i could feel that same pain in my lower back not like before but i could feel it.

I figure that another month of rest should do it. I am eager to get back to my sweat dripping, vomit enducing work outs again. So I wanted anyone with some knowledge on how to get back into the game after an injury like that. Any ideads.

Did you hurt your back deadlifting?

If you can function normally, you can probably resume some training if you get clearance from you doctor than nothing is structurally wrong with your back.

I would probably skip the deadlifting for now and focus on light work on back extension and reverse hypers.

One leg RDLs work great for my lower back.

If the same thing is happening again, you should identify the cause of the problem. Are your glutes/hamstrings up to par? How about your external obliques? This is pure speculation, but it is possible that you have an overbearing anterior pelvic tilt that is causing your lower back to take the brunt of the work while deadlifting while the glutes aren’t being activated enough.

I was in a similar situation and after taking some time off from deadlifts I did single-leg deadlifts for about seven weeks. I finally allowed myself to deadlift again last weekend and was pleased to discover that I’m much stronger in the movement and my form is much better. If they don’t hurt your back, you might want to give single-leg deads a try for a while.

I’d just do reverse hyperextensions for now and hold off on the deads for a bit.