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Advice about Training and 350 Method

Hi Mr. Paul. I’m writing here seeking for some advice.
I’m 23 years old, and I have been training with some of your methods this past 10 weeks. In the past I did the Guaranteed Muscle Mass program, but 4 times a week, and had great results until I started feeling a little drained (finishing my Master Thesis too so I was stressed).

Well the thing is this past 10 weeks I have been running a 4 times per week (2 full body, 1 lower and 1 upper session) using some of the methodologies, particularly the 350 method. I have been reading all of your philosophy and even though I have been getting PRs, I suspect I have been training too much to failure, and probably too much volume too. I do not want progress to hide those potential flaws, so I would like to get your opinion on my routine, how you would adapt it.

The first full body day I am doing:

  • Incline bench press: some warm up, and working sets: 1 set x 6 reps, 1 set x 7 reps, 1 x failure (usually between 8 and 10, with 11 I go up in weight)
  • Leg press 350 method, here I really go to failure in the 3 sets, I usually can get around 20-24 reps in the first set, then around 12-13 in the second and around 10-11 in the third.
  • Romanian Dumbbell deadlift, 3 sets x 10-12 reps, slow eccentric
  • Machine assisted row, 4 sets x 10 reps 3 seconds contraction.

Second Full Body:

  • Back Squat, going up as warm up previous to sumo deadlift, up to 3 sets x 5 reps (same weight as Friday, but easier)
  • Sumo Deadlift, warm up, then 1 working set x 6 reps, 1 set x 7 reps and 1 set max reps (around 8-10, go up with 11)
  • Incline Bench press 350 method (again, failure, I can do around 21 reps the first set, then 13 and 10)
  • Machine row (another machine though) 4 sets x 10 reps, contraction 3 seconds

Leg Day:

  • Squat warm up, then 1 set x 6 reps, 1 set x 7 reps, 1 all out set (usually 8-10 reps)
  • Leg press 350 method
  • Glute ham raise machine, 1 leg at a time, 3 sets per leg x 15 reps

Upper day:

  • OHP, warm up up to 85%RM, then 1 all out set 75%, 1 min rest and 50% of reps
  • Decline bench 350 method
  • Pulldown machine 350 method
  • Chest supported Row 350 method
    (This day was actually very close to one in the GMM program)

Some days I add some 3 sets of calves and abs too.

What do you honestly think? I think I may be recovering and improving because I am young, resting well and eating in surplus, but it may not be optimal. I think I tolerate high reps better than low reps.
By the way, I have been reading in this forum (from you) that those “high rep” sets create more systemic fatigue. Would you suggest me instead of doing 350 method, trying something like 335 method (3 sets and 35reps) or 225 method? Considering the split I am doing.

By the way, In these 10 weeks I have increased the incline and decline bench press in 5 pounds deadlift and squat in 15 pounds, leg press in around 50 pounds. I would say I have gained around 1.5 lbs of lean mass too.

Thank you so much for your time, and for sharing your experience and knowledge in this forum.

Well drop the sumo deadlift. It literally is the single worst compound movement for hypertrophy. Its whole purpose is to move the greatest amount of loading through minimal range of motion. The actual muscles themselves aren’t under any significant amount of tension due to the mechanical advantages of that lift.

You’re already doing RDL’s so pick something else to replace sumo deadlifts with.

You’re “new” to lifting so the truth is you don’t need to worry as much about systemic fatigue since you’re probably not moving heavy loads. Context matters with this stuff.

The rest of your program looks fine to me. Just make sure you’re focusing on progressive overload and get rid of the shitty sumo deadlifts.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will drop them for next week then.
But don’t you think It is a little much too volume with the 350 sets?
For context, I am leg pressing 3.1xBW (up to 22 reps, that set is hard as fuck), squatting ass to grass1.2BWx11, Pulldown 1.3BW x 15, incline pressing 0.78BW x 9 (and 0.63BW x 20).
I would say my pressing is clearly behind.
I have been feeling a little extra this week so I will drop off a little bit the next two workouts, but asking for after this “deload”.
Thank you so much again, Ignacio.

I don’t think the 350 method is “too much” by itself. But you have to determine where your own energy leaks in your training are, i.e. junk volume, too many reps on certain movements etc.

Thanks for the answer. Well I Will try reducing volume this week and reduce the crap I starting adding in the past 3 weeks. Good thing is I have progressed.
Do You think putting glute ham raises instead on romanisn With dumbbells on monday and romanian With DB instead of sumo on wednesday is fine?
Thank You for your help, sometimes the only thing we need is some good accountability and unbiased comments (it is harder to be objective on itself!)