Advice About Switching Doctors and Method of T Delivery?

I’ve been on Androgel for a couple of years (although I have done cypionate IM injections also), but as my health insurance is changing to a HSa and androgel is ridiculously expensive, I’m switching back to injections. Also my doctor is out of network so I’m switching that aspect of my therapy as well.

So I saw a new doc today, and he says that before he can get me back on cyopinate injections, I need to cold turkey the Androgel (which has my number hovering in the 800 to 1000 range) and come back and see him in a month to see where my numbers are naturally. I really am not enjoying the idea of letting my numbers drop back down and go through that living hell again. I’ve been making sick gains in the gym lately also, so I also have that to worry about.

Is this a normal thing? Do I really have to drop my numbers back down just to get a script for medicine?

By the way, my numbers are out of whack naturally due to a bilateral varicocele.

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Stopping TRT for a month is insane. You already have a diagnosis of been hypo. Stopping TRT when hCG has not been used means starting up damaged goods… nuts [pun alert].

Ask if diabetics changing to his care need to stop insulin for a month to see what happens.

We do not have any details about you or current lab work in this thread.

What T cyp protocol do you and doc have in mind?

You can inject T cyp SC/SG with #29 0.5ml 1/2" insulin syringes and avoid decades of IM damage.

What kind of lab details? Androgel keeps me in the 800 to 1000 range and everything else pretty normal.

I guess the doc would come up with a protocol, but I just want to go back to IM or suqb cypionate injections, which I have experience with.

I agree with you about the diabetic comment. It makes no sense to me and I’m thinking about seeing another doc.

Tell doc that you were diagnosed with hype and what he suggests is not “medically necessary”. Those are legally magic words.

Switching to injections should lower E2 levels as transdermal has highest T–>E2 potential.

Your TT on androgel suggests that thyroid function is good.

My old doc sent my lab work from 2012 when I was at 145 total T. But I’m not bringing it to the guy I saw today. Screw him for even suggesting such horseshit. Will find a new one.

Insurance probably imposes requirements on doc. Maybe he confused establishing a new diagnosis with a pre-existing condition. Or requirements are brain dead.