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Advice About Running

I am currently trying to move up a weightclass in submission wrestling, but I am also helping my roomate train for the Marine Officer program. I lift weights 3 times a week. On top of that I have started doing the three exercizes required for the Marines everyday. They consist of Pull Ups, Crunches, and running.

Will running 3 miles everday destroy any chance I had at moving up in weight? Is it even possible to gain substantial muscle while running 3 miles a day? What about strength gains?


It depends on how much calories you take in compared to how many you burn. If you take in more calories than you burn, than yes. Also make sure to get around 2x bodyweight for protein. Drink loads of liquids. Also, ART and ICE cups will really help. As with at least 8 hours of sleep. Stay away from booze...ect

Basically if a guy can go into the seals and come out bigger & stronger than when he went in, than anything is possible.



I am currently getting around 1g per pound of bodyweight a day but only on the days that I lift weights. Thanks for the reply. Does anyone else have any additional input?


I agree with dragon. If you are able to consume enough calories, then you can no doubt put weight on. When i was training for football we were running 2 miles a day, doing sprints, stadiums, up-downs and lifting. I was able to add a good amount of muscle and lose a little fat (i was already at a fairly low bf%). Just make sure you are eating lots and lots of food! Train hard and good luck!


Your gunna have to eat a shitload, especially after training. And by a shitload, I mean a LOT more than your eating now. You train hard, so your gunna have to learn to eat hard.


Thanks for all the input.


My advice about running? To hell with it, the icecream truck has to stop eventually.