Advice About Plant Protein


i had a weird experience with soy protein that shaken my belief in soy being bad. A few days ago i was in a hurry and had to buy some protein in a nearby shop. Asked to have a 2 component protein but they had only a 4 component protein and there was allegedly no soy in the protein. So i bought it and didn’t read the info on the container.

After a few days i noticed a relief in my digestion/gut and i lost about 1 cm around my belly and 1.5kg. Since i didn’t change anything about my eating habits i thought it was something with the protein i bought. After reading the info i noticed the protein was a mix of casein, egg, soy and a bit of whey.

Now i think because of the soy component i can digest protein much better since i don’t have the usual problems with the digestion.

I was thinking of buying a protein complex with some wheat in it or some other plant protein. Looked in a few shops and the amino acids profiles of such protein complexes were as good as of any other protein powder.

I have to mention that i’m a student and one of the reasons for me to buy plant proteins is the cost aspect. Such protein powders cost up to 25% less money.

My questions are:

Has anybody had similar experiences with soy or any other plant protein?

Is it true that wheat protein is bad for the digestion?

Does wheat protein contain any negative nutrients like soy?

If i buy a plant protein, should it be pure plant or a mix?

What about the strength/muscle mass loss or gain? I didn’t notice any negative influence on strength or my muscle mass since i have this casein, egg, soy, whey powder.